Can Temple Get Bigger Beans Before It is Too Late?
8 Sep 227 min 10 sec

Temple Rhodes is at R5 and it's late in the season.  What can he do at this point to increase bean size in the final stretch? He talks about strategies with Robb Dedman and AgXplore's Drew Parker.

00:00 Tell me when you're ready. Give me a nod who's the center who's finally. Why because I want to you always take over. 00:07 That's a fine person to be talking Mr. Microphone. Hi guys, this is Rob Deadman today. We've got special guests Drew Parker 00:16 Drew this with ag Explorer. One of the sponsors are extreme agrees. Good to have you here good to visit with you. And then we've got a knucklehead with us here. It's Temple 00:25 roads. And I'm not allowed to talk today. We are in one of temples normal production Fields today. 00:33 And we walk out here and temples like this ground won't grow anything. It's it's just it's deficient. It won't grow anything don't I 00:42 got a friend kind of like that? At you do and we started looking and anything but we we get to look at it and these beans 00:50 are are five and a half. They they've got a lot of bean Leaf Beetle damage on them. 00:57 There's there's a few bugs running around. We're getting ready to make an application of an insecticide here to clean this up. 01:03 And to finish these beans, you know in the last few weeks, we've talked a lot about you know, we start strong we got to finish strong. Yeah, and and so, you 01:12 know, we're trying to figure out what's the what's the best approach? What can we influence right here on these beans, you know personally I 01:18 think with R5 and a half we can still influence seed size. I think we can influence seed size right up to about our six 01:25 and a half somewhere in there. Do you really believe it's that long maybe R6 but I mean, I know our five and a half these people because 01:31 you look at these plants. You mean like in normal the normal normal farming sure we're gonna leave this I would 01:40 leave it alone. but I probably like well, you know, maybe I need to make an application to kill the bugs because Drew found 01:48 a bunch of stink bugs out here and stink bugs obviously with that little 01:53 Stinger or whatever you want to call it. You don't mean do appear some and then you end up losing that and we want to protect 01:59 as much you as possible. But so my question is what else do we use like? 02:04 Okay, I'm thinking potassium acetate but you're wanting to protect the yield but so let's talk about the yield. Let's look at this Bean you saying? Okay. These veins are a long ways at all. 02:13 I'm looking right here in particular in my hand. There's a pod. 02:17 I mean, these are just barely are four type pods. Although this plant's an r5.5 plant 02:23 but we've got all these lateral branches here temperature you're saying where we 30% of the plant is kind 02:29 of influent it still influenceable. Yeah it fifteen dollar soybeans 14 dollars soybeans, whatever wherever let's talk about a minute ago. What 02:38 what we were talking about like what? What would you put on them? I said potassium acetate you agree? And I asked you what when you said 02:47 that I said, how is the Calcium the calcium on these levels is really really low. Um, we could 02:55 put a product on here and put calcium on here with the airplane with I just don't know how much calcium we're gonna really get into 03:03 plant. And I know that calcium directly affects, you know are seed quality. I've seen it before Drew had 03:12 us putting it on a bunch of stuff from a while ago. And I think that it really helps protect the seed and you 03:19 kind of build a better seed structure, right? And actually they harvest when they harvest name we run we run everything through a dryer and what we were seeing 03:28 is is the beans when they were coming out of the dryer we had less cracks we had so our quality was way better with quality 03:34 comes, you know test weight. Do you really want to talk about testing with beans I necessarily don't know that I want to talk about test weight because 03:43 test weight is two different things weight is a product of starches like the difference between muscle and fat 03:51 that. Yeah, we're fat. Um, there's a I'm not I'm fat. That's it. I impact but you know, you take a body builder that's over 04:02 same structure or same size right that street muscle he weighs way more than us. So this being is full of. Oh, that's fat cornstarch. That's 04:11 muscle. That's how I look at. So that it is a little bit different for me the way that I look at it. I don't necessarily say I need to worry about my 04:21 test weight on beans. I just want to make big ass beans big ass beans, but you know, and and so I think the important thing we talking about 04:30 here is is the comment you tell me these are standard production. You're not trying to win a yield contest with me. 04:36 We're trying to put money and and CMS farm bank account with these things, you know, so, how can we influence them Drew? I mean, well, what's 04:45 your opinion I'll need today. Yes. So when you're talking to this this certain stage right here with a time that's got 04:51 left. I think potassium acetate late in the season right here really feel this things out especially when you're talking about 04:57 four four and a half to five. You've got some time to drive some more weight and these things a little bit flat get a good absorption. 05:05 high quality polar potassium product goes something like striking XT something like that. It's got all splash of borons. Got some sulfur it does have a little software got a 05:15 little spot. That's gonna remove some some late season photos sentence for this with this top crop here build those enzymes and keep pushing that 05:21 weight to that seat. Especially if you're going to cross it across the field what else what else could potentially add more weight to 05:27 see You know, I think I mean if you level why not try a little lightweight dose of a foliar calcium where you know, you do you use a product that's got that you can piggyback boron 05:37 in or Boron is not of any essential use at this point, you know, these these beans are bloomed out there. They're flowered out there. They're late pod feel, you know, 05:46 I'm sure there's people with differing opinions, but I see that I know that these have had plenty of born put on them during 05:52 the season. I don't see, you know, Chad Henderson, he's gonna disagree with what I'm getting ready to say, but I don't see a need to keep pouring born to these. I'm like, 06:01 I'm like Drew, you know, some potassium acetate if these beans are low cows him. I know they'll suck in that calcium. We'll get a drink it's low we're 06:10 gonna get a response. So we're gonna worry about seed quality. See I'm worried about the way which the quality 06:17 Let's let's let's not say seed weight. Let's say see the size. Yeah, see quality. You know, these are Agra gold 37 22s. It's 06:26 an extended Flex variety. Three seven with really high yield potential great disease package. 06:34 I think that. I think that you know that being in the south is just a musket ball. I mean it's huge 06:43 so I know we've got a lot of potential left here too. So Temple You need to get something out here for the Beatles. You need to get something for the green stink 06:51 bugs. Thing to good Lord above that you ain't got to worry about the red bands thing bugs. You don't have enough money left in the account to do 06:59 that. Really they can be they can be vicious to kill. So let's clean them up. Let's put something out there and let's get this Bean crop finished up.

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