17 Dec 223 min 22 sec

After a last place finish in XtremeAg's Wheat Wager last season, Kelly and Mike are back at it with a plan to take the top trophy and prove that Western Iowa can grow big wheat. 

00:00 Hi, this is Kelly Garrett from extreme agum here with Mike Evans. My agronomist from integrated egg Solutions. This is the first wheat wager 00:06 video of the year for 2023. We're standing here with the Wheatfield behind us. It's 32 degrees today. We got about three tenths of rain with a little snow mixed in 00:15 yesterday, which is the first moisture we've had in a long time as you can see the field is not green behind us. If we 00:21 get down close there is some wheat that has grown but we just didn't get much fall growth with the dry weather 00:27 that we've had. I'm sure that'll probably impact yield but we'll just have to wait to see to find out this year 00:33 with the wheat wager video. It's not only yield but it's Roi so Mike's in charge of tracking expenses and 00:39 make sure we make some money and we try not to come in last this year. Like we did like we did in 22, but we'll have 00:45 to see it's pretty tough competition. Yeah, Kelly we We came out here with the same variety. We had last year really liked that variety the last 00:55 couple years and we did our seed treatment. We did our typical practice, but we added one product in there. It's kind of a fungicide root growth 01:04 enhancer biostimulant. If you would say got that recommendation for one of our colleagues out west and then 01:12 We changed it up with working with guys on Extreme AG Temple and all those guys working back and forth last year so we came out here right 01:21 as this wheat spiked. And we put down an application of fertility. From Fungicide and what we 01:31 were trying to do there was help inoculate the ground with Fungicide and then we wanted to give some Ritz stimulate stimulation when we're 01:40 making that pass. Anyways, we're gonna come out here do that. So we threw some fertility in there and kind of the reason we did that is we don't have starter 01:46 on that drill. It's be expensive to put on there. We don't drill enough wheat to justify that. So we're kind of trying to 01:52 mimic a starter pass. So to speak what we came back there. We came back. 01:56 Oh with the microfile Thousand from Agra liquid micro thousand from agric liquid preacts or reacts or and that's basically 02:05 it was what we threw in there. So trying to help get some stimulation get the calcium out there get some good growth. We were hoping to have tillers by 02:14 now, but it's barely spiked at this point, but the root systems are good where it's good. Some of the dryers are got thinner stands because of the weather and that's 02:23 what we got going on. Yeah. So everybody please stay tuned. We had a really good time with the wheat wage your last year and it, you know, we're including more people the Affiliates this 02:32 year like Temple and Matt Swanson Perry. Yeah, and one thing too is 02:36 we're taking some of the fertility budget when we're talking Roi I just thought of this but 02:40 that passed now we're gonna we moved a pass. We were doing three passes in season. We're hoping we're just moving the past to here and then maybe go to two. We'll see what see 02:49 what the data shows us. But obviously we don't want to blow the budget out too far. It's an RO ideal. So but that was kind of the idea of moving that pass over here 02:58 to you as well. So we'll see how it goes. But that's the reason another reason we did and obviously we also have 03:04 our plant food by product on here, but the liquid fertility that I hope we've got that on this field and 03:11 that would be the extent of the fertility of this time, you know beginning. April will be back out here with more fertility then everybody stay 03:17 tuned. Thanks.

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