Can it be done? Beans on Beans Without a Yield Penalty

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3 Jun 220 min 45 secPremium Content

As renewable diesel looks to become a reality in the future, the pressure will be on farmers to deliver increased levels of soy oils. Problem is that growing beans on beans almost always results in a significant yield penalty. Kelly Garrett is hoping to be able to find a way to grow beans in the same spot 2 years in a row without a yield penalty.  He has enlisted Tommy Roach from Nachurs to develop a special in-furrow and 2x2 mix for beans on beans.

Only available to members, the in-furrow and 2x2 mix that Kelly is using for this trial is as follows:


Is Kelly here from extreme mag? We're out here planting beans with Mike Evans and integrated X Solutions because of the big uptick in demand of soil oil in this country due to renewable diesel. We're planting beans on beans and we're doing that with the help of Tommy Rocha majors. I'm worried about a yield penalty from going soybean after soybean and because of that Tommy has made us up a special cooking concoction. Referral and two by two recipes that were running right now, we'll have will post the recipe of both info and two by two. We're excited to see what happens here. We're hoping we can cancel that yield penalty and stay tuned to find out.

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