16 Nov 220 min 51 sec

When Advanced Drainage Systems first installed Tile on Chad's land, he did not know if it would work in his Alabama red clay. But, it has proven to open up new areas of fields that were previously not farmable. Now he is going to put the system to the test as he plants a wheat crop for the first time in a low spot with drain tile. 

00:00 All right. Hey y'all this Chad Henderson with extreme Ag and here we are again doing some videos and now we talk about some 00:06 wheat. And what we're going to talk about here is you heard me talking about these tile videos and this is the first time that we put wheat on this area right here that's behind me. And 00:15 it's just a low spot that we've tiled and so we're gonna make a run on it. We don't know if the tile can we stand the whole winter, you know and keep a week crop growing, but I 00:24 wanted to go on and and show y'all where we're at and then we'll start from there with more videos coming 00:30 through the year and we'll see if the lift station can hold up keep water pumped off of this and I got 00:36 good faith in it. I think the folks at 80s and McCain Brothers. I think they've done a good job. And so we'll see where it goes 00:45 and see if we get a week crap all this because I never have so it's gonna happen.

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