Can Chad Push Double Crop Beans To New Heights
19 Jul 221 min 2 sec

Double crop beans are not usually grown to deliver high yields, and instead are a way to generate some more profit off of land that would otherwise be unused for half of the growing season. But, Chad Henderson is not "Usual" and neither are his double-crop beans. This season he is trying to push the yield ceiling past the 50-60 range and he thinks this foliar mix from Agroliquid is a good start.

00:00 Hey y'all this chatting Henderson with extreme Ag and today's focuser day. So today we're going to several folders. You may 00:06 see me looking like same thing for two or three times a day, but it's because it's fogular day. This is on double crop soybeans. 00:12 We're trying to make 70 plus Bush on double crop soybeans, which is a very tough feat to do for us most time. We land in that 60 to 00:21 65 66 range on irrigated double crop beans, but we're going for 70 plus and we got about three or four different plots do this on a couple hundred acres 00:30 that we got planted early and today on on this particular pot with just loaded. We're putting inverter rain from Hagler liquid. 00:39 We're putting in their folded and we're putting in capitalized. We'll keep you on keep you posted on how they do, but this is a vegetative foliator then 00:48 we'll come back at R1 and hit them again and then probably are three to our five and hit them one more time and those two will be with fungicide. So we'll keep you posted 00:57 on this and stay with us.

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