8 Aug 220 min 58 sec

At a 7/10th of an ounce use rate, a little bit of Source goes a long way.  But will it do the job of boosting nitrogen efficiency on Chad's irrigated corn as promised? Chad talks about the new foliar from


 as he preps his next sprayer load.

00:00 This Chad Henderson with extreme agon. We're gonna talk about source for a minute. So we're using sources of 7/10 of an 00:06 ounce use rate and we're pouring it in here where they wanted in it are one. two 00:14 hurt, I guess your early reproductive stages. And what it is it's synthetic molecule. So that means it's man-made and what it's gonna 00:24 do is make more Nation available to the plant. So if you're looking at where you might could cut back in areas or you're running late on the tail end 00:33 me I'm gonna use it on irrigated corn to maybe give it that a little bit of boost on the end where maybe I got some rain or irrigation that I've been thinking. I'm a little short of nation. They're 00:42 saying we're in a testing faith is but I'm saying I think they're saying anywhere from 20 to 40 pounds and that range 00:48 of end up take available. So we'll see we're gonna do some testing do some tissue testing and we'll see where we end up with this source.

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