15 Nov 222 min 24 sec

Kevin talks about a trial he did with BASF where only applied 6 ounces of BASF's Pre-Emerge, ZIDUA PRO, at the beginning of the season, and then nothing else for the rest of the season. He takes a look at the results at season end. 

00:00 Got an extremac Field Report here. This is a BASF test plot. And this here's something that we've rarely do. We got a section in this field. That's 00:09 only got a pre-emerge on it. It don't have a post in this section and we put post on each side. 00:16 Got to give them credit residual Pro. It performed really well. Now this is a low pressure Farm. I was scared to go somewhere. We had heavy weed pressure 00:26 where they're Palmer and her pig or Palmer pigweed or Myers tail and so yeah, I kind of hand selected this Farm but I've never been able to 00:36 do it with a pre this here was a little over six ounces of vigila pro on it at planting. And you can see it's clean. I mean it which we 00:46 made money on it because we didn't have to come back and put a post on this section, but we left about eight Acres out of 00:52 the field. Now. We also own up here. We've got a plot that we've got a fungicide trial all this got fungicide 01:01 except for that one spray swath throughout it through there. We left a about a 60 foot swath all the way across the field. We're gonna 01:10 put the Drone up, Here shortly and we're going to show you what's going on. I will tell you that that combine that's 01:18 running right over there. Those beans are running right around 100 bushels acre to a little better. So it's gonna be really interesting 01:24 to see what kind of yield difference we have where we didn't apply the fungicide now to the ice very very obvious, which we're in a heavy disease area, but it 01:33 was Revy Tech at the maximum rate is what we put on that so it's gonna be interesting to kind of see what we got here. But this 01:42 is just kind of example, you know, these guys and ladies they keep telling us from basa that you know, this sometimes in 01:51 a low pressure environment that good pre will take care of it. But it did you know, we got in genuine all the rest of it on both sides post work 02:00 real good, but just interesting test it's the first time I've ever done an area and actually left the post-emerge off 02:09 intentionally, so Just something to think about but the products done a good job, and we'll see what kind of yield difference we have. Y'all stay safe.

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