Calcium Release
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There is plenty of calcium in his soil, maybe even too much, but his biggest challenge is getting it into the plant. He talks about how he applies AgroLiquid's LiberateCa in-furrow and during the season to get calcium into his crop. In a high-yield corn field he saw a 10 bushel bump as a result.

00:00 If you pay attention to what we do here at extreme AG, you know that a big thing we talk about is a grower standard practice 00:06 which means something that we trial something that we do out in the field on an experimental basis and it works so well by year, two three or four it becomes what 00:15 these guys do on every acre Kelly Garrett Aryan Iowa. I was at your farm the first time a couple years ago and you even started telling me about this term 00:24 grower standard practice you use a couple of products from our friends and I grow liquid and they are now roasting a 00:30 practice. They go on every acre liberate CA which is a calcium products. Yep, and another one called microf500 microfiber. Let's go ahead and start with Liberation. I didn't even realize 00:40 the value of calcium. I thought like, you know old women need calciums. Don't break a hip. Why do your crops need this stuff and you taught 00:46 me about it's helpful for transporting nutrients. It's helpful for transporting nutrients. And we we want to balance the 00:52 soil. We want to balance the crop. My biggest nutrient deficiency is calcium. We identify that in 2021 and 00:59 22 it became a focus paid off with big dividends. It's a grower standard practice Galen beer with agril liquid. I'm going to ask you the question right? Because 01:08 maybe I'm not agronomically in tuned enough. He's got calcium in the soil when he talked about one of our sessions out there. There's plenty of 01:17 calcium. It's oil too much but it's not getting where it needs to be. Tell me how that works. Yeah. So, I mean I'll nutrients wants they're 01:23 in the soil. You still got a side pump for the plant to utilize and then what Kelly's done with liberate CA is just making sure 01:29 there's readily available form right there when that plant demand set as well. You might have might have 01:35 adequate amounts in the soil. We are trying to make sure that you're meeting the need of that plant immediately as well. 01:41 We did a thing behind your shop where you have drip irrigation and you talked about running a calcium product through the drip. You don't have drip on all of your Acres. You've got it on 01:50 frankly about five percent of your Acres. What about the rest of the acres in the other Acres? We're putting it in Pearl and then we will spray 01:56 it again in a full year application a couple times throughout the season. 01:59 Do I use if I'm watching this? How do I use liberate cases? It's a liquid obviously. So how do I use it? Yeah. 02:05 So a lot of guys will combine it with their planner application. One thing Kelly can tell you is the advantage delivery calcium as 02:11 we've formulated in a way that it'll mix with a lot of other things calcium generally reactive with things like phosphorus and other micros and 02:20 it will play well with we talk a lot about in our sessions you you tune into our webinars. We do every month. We talk about compatibility compatibility Chad Henderson. Obviously you 02:29 sponsor is race car. He's like listen, man. I want something good. It was to dump everything together, you know, he wants to 02:35 make it so that it doesn't you know fight in the sandbox. Is there a problem within your stuff with that regard? We 02:41 know that all of our stuff plays well among our own family now sometimes when you're gonna get into that including our best side and some other things like that, we can't always be starting. So 02:50 we're always gonna tell someone to do a dark. That's our test the practice you do grow standard practice as you put it in a time of 02:56 planning Inferno and then you'll run it through the drip or on the AC. 02:59 Don't have drip you put it out as a full foliar out so full year and it absorbs through the plants how many times you're using calcium then probably three. Okay, once 03:08 it planting twice over the top. Yes, Indian a high-yield setting or research setting through the drip. It could be even up to five times so we could spoon feed it through the 03:17 drip a couple other times. Do you get a big bang for the buck on more calcium after a certain point? Is it enough last 03:23 year in a high yield setting? And the reason I say hi yield setting it's even more important to realize the pump. We got 10 bushel 315 03:29 to 325 with just liberate calcium. That's huge. All right, let's talk about this other product that he said before we hit record on this video. He said I want to 03:38 make sure I tell everybody about micro 500 microf500. What is it? So micro 500 is a combination of 03:44 five key micro nutrients. It's got zinc Iron Man and he's copper and more on it. You said five and not 500 would be here all day today and my memories 03:53 are fine. So it's five things manganese moron copper copper. And something else you use it. 04:02 Why do you like it? You said something about the sulfur component? I like microf500 because it's a sulfate-based product. Not EDTA 04:08 and I want to wait EDTA EDTA, which means so EDTA is a key late that people use to kind of keep that micronutrient available thing as it's a synthetically whereas 04:20 if you use sulfur you can still keep that micronutrient available and really enhance its Mobility into 04:26 the plant. What's a nutrient that's also demanded by the plant which is sulfur. Okay. My perspective is a sulfate based nutrient takes 04:36 less energy for the plant to break down and make plan available nutrition. EDTA is a bigger harsher molecule takes more energy. I want 04:45 my corn plant running like Chad's race car. Yeah, so I want to be a seamless and efficient as possible and very available being 04:51 very available is the most. Yes. So A sulfate based product has an advantage over EDT yet. We talk about things becoming grower standard practice. How long 04:59 Take you to get to this point where you're like no, this is working and it's going to be something I put on every acre a couple years a couple years. What does the person 05:08 that's listening to this say? All right, man. I'm going to start dabbling in this because I heard Cali talk about it. What do they need to know? Well, they 05:14 need to know that it's been tested by someone that has put it through its Pace as we always say if you can do something find something 05:20 that works on your farm you can scale out then that's a win. So yeah, we want to try it on their own farm that thing our products are designed to do is matched a whole 05:29 bunch of different management practices. So whether they want to put it in for like Kelly does they want to go into two by two if they want to 05:35 go in a wide drop application? We have something to fit all over we talked about the other thing the liberate how many times you'll use how many times you'll use 05:41 micro 500 will use micro 500 just about the same amount of time still will pair them together. That's I'm a planning and over. Yes again. It's all about. Yes. Again. It's about 05:50 balance and we are learning more more about the elemental nitrogen that's being mineralized through our soil and we run out of micronutrients. We're 05:59 out. We need more micronutrients than what's what I once thought needed. I need more so I gotta put it on spoon feeding it to balance that helps with 06:08 the assimilation of nitrogen in the plant. Remember, he always says the Holy Grail of corn production was just throw 06:14 more nitrogen at and what we're learning. Yeah, there might be more than enough nitrogen out there. It's these micro nutrients that are going to actually take you 06:20 the next level right? We got to get in balance. Agro liquid microf500 liberate CA you're using on every acre you have and it's working 06:29 for you. Where's the next? Where's the next? Where's the next Generation? Where's the next Evolution? Probably to 06:35 start reducing synthetic nitrogen and find out where that balance really is got 06:40 It Galen beer Agri liquid Kelly Garrett extreme egg coming at you from commodity. Classic. I'm Damian mace.

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