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Take a look at the new features of the enhanced cab on the Fendt Rogator 900 series sprayer. Designed for comfort, control and efficiency.

00:00 Hey coming at you from the cab of a sprayer. It's a Fint rogator sprayer. And I've got the marketing manager Dave fickle with a vent. He's 00:09 with AGCO and Finn now is firsten time we've branded and labeled and badged one of these sprayers as a fence prayer, you know fence a big name over in Europe. They're coming 00:18 over here as part of agco's, you know transition to this. What am I looking at? What's going on? I mean 00:24 there's a pretty cool rig. I have been in sprayers before what's different about this sprayer than maybe the sprayer of five to 00:30 10 years ago. Yeah. Yeah. Thanks so much Damon. So yeah, like you said, we're in the cab of the new fat rogator 900 series so a couple things we talk a lot about giving 00:39 our operators control back, right and the marketplace that's what people what they want to be able to control the timing, you know operator environment. It's critical. We want to be able to control our you know 00:48 have have accessibility to work for us. Right and these guys are spending 10 12 15 16 hours a 00:54 day in these environments, right? So you want to make sure it's one of the safest and cleanest environments for them as well. We want to maintain 01:00 In that Workforce. So if you've been in a rogator C Series this will look very very similar to you. It's one of those things where we brought it forward from the from the current generation C Series 01:09 into the store a little bit overwhelming at first there's about there's about a half dozen or no about a dozen buttons over there. There's four toggle switches 01:18 here. There's five little blue things over there. And obviously I've got the joystick. So just wow. Yeah, how do I do this? Am I 01:27 gonna be overwhelms it take a degree to make it to run this thing. Do I have to go and like do a fighter pilot training? That's that's right. No, we 01:33 think it's pretty simple. I can have somebody driving this and less than a minute or two. It's very simply essentially have, 01:39 you know Auto throttle or what we call TMS. You've got your perking break your road mode and essentially you're up and down, right? So this is a high clearance machine adjustable clearance 01:48 machine. So right now we're in standard clearance mode. If I'm really tap that button we're gonna raise up 16 inches and 01:54 going to taller crop if we need and one thing you talked about previously when we were talking and it was that 02:00 Machine the chassis the chassis the middle part of it actually will come up 16 inches. So it's one thing to have a boom that goes up and down this thing. The actual machine 02:09 will come up 60 inches of the push button. Yep. It gives you that control back, right if you're in let's say soybeans or a shorter crops or don't need that adjustability. You 02:18 need it down you down 60 inches off the ground or you're 76 inches off the ground the push my butt. Correct? Yep, we and we you know, 02:24 we show it on on some of the videos. We'll see here we go immediately from Beans. Maybe we swap products we can just hit that button raise 02:30 the machine up and go into a, you know, tassel corn crop. They what are all these things doing man. It's yeah, it's a little overwhelming. So we've got some some backups, right? So we have 02:39 our Auto automatically hold the button down and the booms will actually completely unfold and fold, right. We have a backup here we can do it manually if we need to so that's 02:49 what these are for at least on the front row Gator. Okay. Now this is some commonality here across different, you know ago products 02:55 combines tractors, you're gonna be very very, you know, used to seeing this. Machines, so once you've driven one, you kind of know what you're 03:03 doing, right? You can jump into a cab of a different machine and pick it up very quickly. Got it. We were very happy with the 03:09 Viper 4 plus system we have here. This is our job computer and our guidance. So you get a lot of a lot of 03:15 automation with this. So you're honestly you're not doing a whole lot here per se you're letting the machine do the work 03:21 for you which that's gonna reduce operator for tea, you know, increase longevity and keep those guys in in the 03:27 cab longer and keep them, you know fresh. So we want to make sure that our operators are having a good environment. Our man Chad Henderson is 03:33 that in that seat and says a very comfortable seat. So you said we're about Comfort safety. You said something about the safety, you 03:39 know, we do we are handling some chemistry. We do want to make sure that our operators are safe. Tell me about that. Yeah. So on the previous models we 03:48 had it we had a different cab. This is actually a fence 700 tractor cap and the unique thing about this environment that we're 03:54 in this is actually filtration system that's standard on this machine. It actually exceeds cat. Filtration levels, so that's that's a level beyond what the industry currently 04:03 tries to match. So we're beyond that even and like I said, that's a standard feature on this machine. You couple that with the fact that we do rear mounted booms 04:12 on a high clearance sprayer like this we do that for a reason one. It keeps the product off the operator, you know walking it right? We're 04:18 not driving through this stuff. Exactly keeps it off the machine. We also do that for combo ability. We can put dry systems 04:24 on the back. But like I said, if you got the product behind you coupled with, you know, something that's higher than a 04:30 cap for filtration right from the factory. You're gonna have an extremely safe and clean environment for that 04:36 operator. So it's comfortable. It's comfortable cab. It's very user friendly and then you explain to me that's really not 04:42 as overwhelming as I think it looks like you said in five minutes, you can have me operating. Yes. Absolutely. We should we should take it for 04:48 a test run at some point right? I'm ready to do it till next time. We're coming at you from the cab of the new fence rogator sprayer series 04:54 with Dave with AGCO and you know what? I think I can hang out here all day. That's right.

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