Bursting With Joy: Trial Update for Selectshot
15 Sep 222 min 8 sec

Minimal rain and high temperatures have made this season one of the toughest on records for Lee Lubbers. Despite the tough season, Lee has managed to put together a crop management plan that will deliver on yield. Part of his trial work this year included the SelectShot system from Capstan Ag. He looks at the difference a burst of starter makes compared to his traditional planting methods.

00:00 Hey everybody, this is Lee Loopers extreme AG. Here I am today in the middle of a corn field trying to do some early comparisons on the Capstone egg 00:09 system versus conventional starter in Furrow system. My brother he went in and planted 48 rows right in the 00:19 middle of a field that I did. We planned same speed same number. We did it side by side, you know, 00:25 it's not science, but keeping it real world just like everybody else does in the real field and seeing how it 00:31 ends up. Ah, this field along with a lot of other fields less than two inches of moisture from the 00:38 middle of June to the middle of August. We got a rain here last Sunday night. Tickled pink how it looks our corn held 00:46 in amazingly well. Doing some digging here today. I'll take the Dirt Off The Roots see what it looks like. 00:55 Part of me says the caps and egg you just caller in the other corn but proof is gonna be in the combine we come in and weigh 01:05 it up. so that's what it comes down to if dollars and cents in the field and real life conditions. So I'm going to cut some 01:14 stocks. I'll take some more videos of that in Roots. See if I can notice any differences at all to show you guys. 01:21 This is treated with the caps and AG system putting the burst with the seed. conventional 01:30 I just grabbed random plants not science. That it looks like we probably got a little bit more robust root system. 01:39 With the Capstone hopefully that comes through a yield. We'll stay positive. Extremely pleased on ear girth in size on both 01:48 for being in the drought that we've been in like I said, I'm tickled pink. Brace looks look really good. 01:59 It's encouraging.

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