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14 Sep 232 min 37 sec

Kevin talks with Tommy Roach of Nachurs about the late season push he made to build test weight on his corn crop.  It looks like it paid off.

00:00 Got Mr. Tommy Roachs come in from Nature's. He's worked with me a lot trying to finish these crops out. Um, we're on the dry land. This is a rolling Piedmont, North Carolina. 00:12 This is a wrecker record crop on this farm. This is a pioneer 1511 Y H R. It's a wack op corn. We've got about 135 units of nitrogen on this pond. 00:25 We got it split applied, but one thing that I like doing and Tommy's healthy with was trying to finish these crops out and really packing these kernels and getting good girth of ears. 00:36 Tommy, what do you think? He rode with me for the last two hours in the combine. Well, 00:40 One thing that he's doing is of course he putting plenty of sulfur out here, which is necessary, but, uh, 00:47 micronutrients toward the tail end of the year to help finish that, uh, kernel depth and get that test plate. 'cause that is where you're making the, 00:55 making the yield out here. It's in deep ferals and uh, it's truly amazing. So right here we stopped. 01:06 We was going and it's sitting there. 3 10, 3 20. Remember I said 135 units in nitrogen, wipe got fours very deep. You can see the curls, 01:23 big curls, 22% moisture. Um, this is making money, but this is at last passes. I was telling you earlier, you know, 01:35 we had some plots with them without late foliar, right? When I say late, I'm talking r r pole. 01:41 So one thing that we're more people are paying attention to is once the core is pollinated, it's not time to quit. 01:49 That's really when you need put the gas to it, put your fungicide to it and put micros and more nutrients, uh, on that crop because this, this is what you end up with. 02:02 You think I can repeat this again? That's crying. I don't know. This is making money right here. No more. I 02:09 Mean, It is amazing. It's a wonderful job. The plant health, you know, the 22% corn and you got greed in the top. We've done our part. 02:19 The good lord's blessed us. I appreciate nature's working with me, Jason, Tommy, and all. Y'all guys kind of bounce ideas off each other and, 02:28 and we learn together and we can share this with others. Y'all stay safe.

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