31 May 232 min 7 sec

Caleb does a lot of things differently in south Georgia, including grow peanuts. Today he is putting in his last trials and talks about how he is using PGRs to create the "perfect" peanut plant.

00:00 Hey guys, Caleb tro here with its Dream Ag coming to you from our farm in southwest Georgia. 00:06 So today we're finishing up our peanut planting for the year and we're taking this opportunity to put in a few more trials thinking about peanut research work 00:14 in general. It's a little harder to do than it is in other crops because with peanut harvest equipment, there are no yield monitors. Also, 00:22 quality is just as important to us as yield. So what we will do is we will harvest each trial separately and then we will keep track of these specific loads all the way through the grading process. 00:34 So then we will have not only our yield, but also our quality data, and we'll be able to generate how much we actually get paid per acre for our 00:43 trial work so we can determine our roi. So today we are doing a PGR trial. It's been fun to work with pgs and peanuts as we work at trying to basically 00:54 build our own peanut plant from start to finish. So we already have somewhat of a grower standard program, and it's not something that we want to do with pgr where we just kind of mix and 01:04 match, add a product here, add a product there in our research work because we don't want to send the plant conflicting signals or double up on some applications that we're already making. 01:15 So what we're doing for this trial here with Stoler is that we are putting a product infer of at time of planting a Stoler product that 01:25 contains four plant growth regulators in it. And then we'll be following up with a application at day 45 and day 60 with our fungicide applications. 01:34 We'll be including some cytokine and base products there from Stoler. So we will have that as one plot. Beside it, 01:41 we'll have our grower standard program, and then we'll have an untreated check strip looking at this data, it should be able to give us some good visual references as we go throughout the 01:51 year above ground. And then we'll also follow things through with at harvest time so we can determine our yield and profitability. Y'all stay tuned.