Buffering the Negative
18 Apr 232 min 19 sec

Temple is applying anhydrous ammonia with his strip-till rig. He knows that he is also killing his soil biology at the same time. He talks about the steps he takes to buffer the negative effects and rebuild the soil biology.


00:00 Hey guys, Temple Ridge from extreme egg one things. I want to talk to you for just a minute about is we are applying anhydrous ammonia. 00:09 In a strip-till rig, one of the things that a people are gonna say is as I'm killing the biology of my soul and they're right, but for 00:18 everything that we do that we are harmful for which there's a million things that we are being harmful. We try to do something different to try 00:27 to bring it back. One of the things that I'm going to talk to you about is the aiding more humics and 00:33 sugars and building our own native biology back, right? So that feeds our our natural biology our native biology that's in this particular 00:42 soul type here. So we want to feed that. So yes, we are harming and yes, we are killing some biology but we are promoting biology and the 00:54 other way. So we're trying to equal it out or trying to buffer the negative risk, you know, the negative response that we're doing to our soul 01:03 if that makes any sense. So there's one of the things that we're doing one of the things I'm really interested to try 01:09 is this year? Tag explorers got a new product out. It's called upward. This upward product is three 01:16 different things mixed together. It's basically a carbon base, you know a humic vulvic, you know, and then it is a sugar source and it is 01:25 a phosphorus efficiency product all in one package. So instead of putting three totes on my trailer now, 01:34 I've got one and I think that that's huge. So this year I'm excited to try that and it's something that I would like to 01:43 try to you know, probably put it somewhere that I probably shouldn't put it, you know, I do a lot of that we do 01:50 some direct injection of humans and sugars in with the anhydrous rig. That's something that I want to try. I'm not saying 01:59 that it's gonna work but I'm gonna put it somewhere that I probably shouldn't put it and I'm gonna see if I can get some results out of it. 02:05 We've had tremendous results with doing stuff that in the past and we come up with some new Rec. 02:10 Creations that we'd never had before so we'll be back to you soon. I'll let you know the results.

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