Broke Down Planter
28 May 222 min 18 sec

Chad's planter is broke down and after a day and half of searching for the problem, he finally found it in the one area he least expected. 

00:00 Hey y'all, this Chad Henderson with extreme Ag and broke down again. 00:05 Now it happens, you know, when you're running this stuff it it happens and and you know, the more sophisticated stuff we 00:11 get on the planner the more stuff tears up but they've got some pretty good parts out there. Um, I would say that I got the best out of this. This is all this is is the 00:20 cover that goes over the sensor. And as well. This planter is around. 22,000 Acres. So I would say either trade or get ready 00:31 to start putting these on when you approaching that range some of these go out from time to time, you know through the year. 00:37 You know, we hadn't put very many of my own maybe three or four five in in a you know, two or three four year window. 00:44 But this is what's going on. It's it's egg-shaping this I think they call it some mustache, you know, I don't know why they would call it a mustache or anything, but they 00:53 call it a mustache. Here's a new one and it's kind of egg shaping this part of it got some more off the top and 01:01 just one of the parts that you better have in the toolbox don't always have a bunch of it. But this is down for sensor that 01:07 is worn out and this will actually you don't think it will. And this will keep the planner from completely planning. You 01:17 think that I'll know it'll just mess up that road Williams start beeping and mess that row it will eventually when this shorts out. It'll keep 01:23 it from planting last year. I was in the end of the season planting done. Like I know it's just me and I ain't the brightest, you know, the sharpest 01:32 knife in the kitchen for sure, but this is a day and a half right here. It took us a day and a half to figure this out that this actually kept 01:41 it from planting and we started back up this year and had one out and sure enough. The planter would plant fine up there. We can run a meter tested plant 01:50 fine. Put the seeds out. You said to set it down when you set it down planner quit playing. 01:56 And it was shorting this out is what was going on. So just another Food For Thoughts you have one of those problems as 02:02 well. We try to share as much information as we can is a extreme egg is 02:09 Sensor failure it'll stop the planner from planting you wouldn't think it.

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