Kelly is Going To Try This Insecticide with BioFungicide This Season
29 Apr 241m 17s

Kelly has always relied on Ethos XB to help control insects in his corn. This season he is trialing Ethos Elite, a new version that features a dual biological strain that is supposed to enhances ease of handling and compatibility with other products.

00:00 Hi, this is Kelly Garrett. We're here in the warehouse today at at the Integrated Ag. We're starting to get products out, we're making plans, 00:06 making preparations. One of the products we'll be trying this year is Ethos Elite. 00:10 From FMC, we plant a lot of conventional corn. We plant a lot of double stack corn. We try to stay away from triple stack corn 00:18 because we feel that there's a yield deficit. So we've used Ethos xb, the older version of this product for many years this year. 00:24 Gail uh, our friend at FMC sent us Ethos Elite, and I was asking him, said, well, what's the difference? Why? Why did you change the product? 00:31 Ethos Elite compared to Ethos xb, the older version has a dual biological strain and it's a little easier to handle 00:38 and mix with other products. We should have a better mixing process, which will just make it going into 00:42 the planter that much easier. The rates are all the same, the weights are all the same. The insecticide portion is the same, 00:48 it's just the bio fungicide portion to help with root development. Things like that is what they're talking about. 00:53 So I'm gonna try this, this year, see what it's like. Uh, new product from FMC. I'm pretty excited about it 00:58 because like I said, we put insecticide in every field because of the ROI we see on that. And anytime that we can try to upgrade that help out 01:05 with the root portion, the benefits that this bio fungicide will bring us are always things that I like to trial and check out. 01:11 It's always about process improvement.

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