Breaking The Calcium Bonds
15 Jun 232 min 12 sec

Kelly includes Nutricharge in his grower standard program, but it really has very little to do with the phosphorus uptake and more about leveling out his high base saturation of calcium. He explains how he keeps his rolling hills even-keeled. 

00:00 This is a video to show Matt and Temple why Nutra charge is such aor important product to me, 00:04 I really didn't think I was gonna have the results that these guys did because of everything I tried to do of a sulfur in my plant food byproduct. 00:11 But Nutra charged for me in the high base saturation calcium here in a tough environment last year was worth 30 bushel in a high yield environment was worth 00:19 eight. And it evens out the ground to me because the higher we go up this hill, the higher the base saturation calcium number's gonna get. 00:25 And you can look and see this corn's pretty even. Yeah. Whereas used to be it, it wasn't. Now you could, it still looks a little greener down here, 00:32 but I'm gonna tell you that's because of planting population with our prescription. But now I, I'm, 00:36 I hope you can understand why nutri charge is so important to me. It evens it out because of the breaking that cat eye on bond. 00:43 Yeah. Yeah. I can see that for sure. You're using it not so much for the, for the phosphorous efficiency as you are to break the cat on of the calcium. 00:51 So, so you can, you know, release some of that. Yes. We're so calcium dominant here. It ties everything up. So When you're plant a higher population down here on the lows, 00:59 cause you're making more ill Yep. If you can correct the calcium up here, you can go the higher population up here. 01:04 Uh, yes. But I gotta go farther to get there, you know, and we go here with, the population down here is probably 33 to 35. 01:12 The population up here is probably 26. So you think you can bring this to 30 if, if you start getting your calcium Yes. Where you 01:19 Need it to be. I believe I can. We looked at a lot of fields with bear spots on the heels, not yours. Mm-hmm. And, and that was calcium, right? 01:26 That's a base saturation problem. Yes. And, and it, and a lot of, you know, most growers will say that that's a high pH spot and it is. But I, 01:33 I choose not to use that terminology anymore cuz that's not really the root of the problem. Right. It is high pH but what's causing the problem? 01:39 The calcium ties everything up. Yeah. And the nutra charge unlocks that for us for such an inexpensive price. You know, there not a lot of growers have inferral fertility, but it's worth it. 01:49 Just for the Nutra Charge. Yeah, well the new product they got out, the new charger lease is gonna be paired with the biological also. 01:56 So that could be something that you, I think that's gonna be solar applied. Yeah. 01:59 Okay. And we'll have to try that next year. But yeah, the evenness of this corn on corn, you know, this is, uh, this is what it's all about. Yeah. 02:07 Make deal.

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