Breaking Down Wheat Stubble for Double-Crop Beans

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10 Dec 231 min 19 secPremium Content

Finding the right residue breakdown product for your farming environment means you have to do testing. Chad was looking for an expedited breakdown of his wheat residue in the hopes that he could release the nutrients into his June-planted double-crop beans. He talks about what he sees and the next steps he plans to take.

Hey y'all. It's Chet Henderson with Extreme Ag and we're walking around out here in the beam field. Now, instead of looking at beans, we looking at stubble. There's a lot of talk about, you know, managing your residue. What are we gonna do with a stubble? How can we break it down? So the product we're trying here is a product from Whole Organics, which is Breakdown 800. And we sprayed, disowned our, uh, wheat stubble before we planted our double crop beans. And we was hoping that it could break down and get some of that stubble gone and the nutrients more available to our double crop beans. But we didn't see it, you know, and it's not always the fact that like, oh, we're doing a video and something didn't work. No, it's not saying that it didn't work, it just, I knew it had to work in a hurry to get into the double crop deal. You know, that's a game where we're planting in June. We're harvesting in October, you know, so that's a, that's a quick game. But what we're gonna do is it's still, still in the ground. So we split a field with it. We're gonna keep a check on it. We're gonna look at this residue and look at the breakdown of it and see what comes about. 'cause we'll be running a strip till out here. We'll see what comes about as we move forward and progress through the year. We ain't just testing when the crops in the field we're testing when crops outta the field. There's still plenty of things to do, still plenty of things to check on and to make sure that this stubble gets broke down and the nutrients are more available to what we're gonna do next year. So stay tuned.

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