Breaking Down Stalks
1 Jul 231 min 44 sec

Kevin talks about what he uses to break down his corn residue and hopefully reduce the amount of fertilizer he needs to buy.

00:00 So we're spraying our extract right now. This is a soybean trial. We're running a two QUT rate per acre To see how this will break down the corn 00:09 residue, it's pretty heavy. Corn stalks run vertical tillage over it twice so they can plant through it. This is a bottom river, bottom land, 00:19 so we do have flood drift piles. That's one reason we use that accelerator to run through. Plus we also try to prevent, uh, 00:29 the seeds from drowning out there and emergence. So if we can get 'em up and growing, usually we're pretty good. This extract is going to help break down that 00:40 all this fodder you see out here is the goal behind it. So we've got some strips in here. It's gonna be really interesting to see it break it down and get those nutrients 00:50 available to the soybean plants during the growing season. And that's the key here is the, 00:55 is another element of os you could say, another tool in the toolbox that we're wanting to use to try to be more sustainable and have to buy less fertilizer and keeps our waterways safe. 01:08 And, um, just a total environment creates a great place for my family and future family members to, to live and prosper and have a safe, 01:18 abundant food source. So it's always fun testing these products to see if they've got a return on the investment force and if they can deliver as promised, 01:28 we'll let you know as the crop season progresses. Y'all stay safe.

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