Breaking down cover crops to stimulate the soil and add beneficial biology
11 May 241m 54s

Temple Rhodes talks about a new trial he is excited about that is aimed at enhancing soil health by breaking down cover crops and adding beneficial biology.

00:00 Hey guys, it's Temple Roads with XT Extreme Ag. We're here doing our first organics trials. So I'm kind of excited about this 'cause I, I've said 00:08 before, you know, we're trying to break down that cover crop and we're trying to, you know, stimulate the ground. 00:14 We're trying to add biology. I kind of feel like here in the Chesapeake Bay where we're already du having reductions of phosphorus 00:22 and nitrogen, you know, basically, 'cause we have to, um, this is kind of going to add to us. So I did it in two piece parts. So I used the product. 00:31 They've got two different products. One I used to break down. I, I just freighted on my cover crop 00:36 and I'm gonna break it down. Well, I, I went in and I put it on when I burned it down on that cover crop. And I'm gonna test that and see how that's gonna do. 00:46 And now we're going out here and we're making a post application this time, um, after we planted the crop, after the cover crop's dead. 00:55 Um, and we're putting it on this time, so we kind of wanna see like, which one works better. I'll show you. So here we are. 01:03 This is what this cover crop looks like. Um, there's some clover in here. It's not quite dying yet. Uh, the rest was just wheat. 01:10 Um, so it's, it's fairly thick out here. So I'm really interested to see how quickly we can get this stuff to break down. 01:19 And the more, and we've got checks out here on this farm, uh, multiple checks where we didn't do anything. 01:24 We just, we just sprayed it and killed a cover crop, planted it like normal practice would be. 01:29 So we're trying to see what kind of biology, what kinda life we're gonna add to this soil. And then we're also trying to see with the fall product of 01:39 how much nutrients we can get out of this cover crop and get it back to in our soil profile for this next crop coming. 01:46 But I'm excited about it. I can't wait to see what happens.

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