Breaking Bonds with Saint Jake
25 Apr 231 min 32 sec

Kelly is riding with Saint Jake as he puts in a trial for Nachurs Rhyzo-Link PE. He hopes it can help free up phosphorus that is being tied up by calcium in his soil.

00:00 Hi, this is Kelly Garrett from extreme egg here with my brother-in-law who I like to call Saint Jake. We all know why today we're putting out a trial 00:09 for natures and so on Rizal link PE which helps us with plan available phosphorus. There's two pools of phosphorus in the ground organic and 00:18 inorganic and they're all tied up to some degree and only have you only have so much that comes available over 00:24 time Riesling PE helps it become more available. So you have better plant uptake. We have a lot of trouble with that here in these Hills because we have too much 00:33 calcium as you've heard me say before calcium is a double positive charge ion phosphorus is a negatively charged ion. So they like to combine into 00:42 a molecule to try to get neutral and then that's and then they're not playing available either one of them rise a link PE helps break that 00:51 Bond and have the phosphorus become available for the plant which is obviously important to balance our tissue samples 00:57 balance our plant and improve our yields. This is all Potentially a big product for manure guys, you're putting all that manure out there from say to 01:06 your hog facility. You feel like you're putting out great fertility and you are however because of the complex organic 01:12 chemistries that go on in the hog manure it isn't as available as you'd like to believe Riesling PE is advertised to help it become available 01:21 something everybody should take a look at we're putting out all this nutrition, but if it's not available, what good is it?

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