Driving Nutrients Into The Plant at Fungicide Application
6 Jul 241m 32s

Chad Henderson shares insights on the benefits of applying fungicides and nutrients at different growth stages, such as pre-tassel and post-tassel. Recent corn treatments included a pre-tassel application, effectively driving nutrients into the plant and demonstrating positive results using Sweet Fulvic and Total Phos in the blend.

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00:00 Hey y'all, this Chad Henderson with Extreme Ag and we're talking about a few products today from Concept Agritech that is Total Foss and Suite fulvic. 00:08 We've used these products in a couple different ways. You know, we can use our suite fulvic at our herbicide timing, but we really like to lean on it in any 00:16 of our pre-task applications or post-tax applications. We just done one a week or so ago with this corn, a pre tassel application 00:23 with fungicide and some nutrients. Then we use sweet Fulvic. We can use products like Total Phos. 00:28 We didn't actually use it on this corn, but we had products like that in there. This corn actually had it, 00:32 total Phos started on it when it was early with a planter application. But those are the phosphorus blends that we can use. 00:38 And those are the type products that we can use in two, in several applications. Again, we can start with our total fos early 00:45 and come in here midseason or pret tassel, and then we can come in here post tassel brown silk if you want to. 00:50 So those are a couple applications for it. Gallon rate or so, two gallon, you know, three oh. Anyway, you get the picture. 00:58 So that's where we're using Knit Again, the sweet fulvic. We've used it with that application as well, but we use it. 01:04 We used it this last time. It went out on this corn a week or so ago when we sprayed pre tassel. 01:09 It's a good application to get in there. There's fulvic is gonna drive the stuff into the plant, the sweet parts, you know, which everybody loves, 01:15 the sweet parts, the smell of it, and everything else. So the sweet part of it, you know, just adding them sugars to it. 01:20 Give it a try, give it a look, make sure it's a good additive to blend with your stuff because it will help drive the nutrients in the plant. 01:26 And that's what we're after. Thank you. Stay tuned.

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