The Advantages of Advanced Liquid Systems in Corn Farming
19 Jun 241m 9s

Kelly Garrett discusses the benefits and advancements of using liquid systems in planting operations. Initially, there was skepticism about integrating liquid systems with planters due to concerns about reduced planting speed. However, the return on investment (ROI) and yield gains have justified their use.

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00:00 Hi, this is Kelly Garrett from Extreme Ag. It's the 1st of June, so the corn's all planted. We're getting ready to put the planters in the shed 00:05 and take the tanks off, and we were just remarking how far we've come with our liquid systems. There's always a skepticism 00:12 or there's always a, a nervousness about putting liquid on with the planter because it slows you down, undeniably. 00:17 It does slow you down. However, there is an ROI and a yield gain from putting liquid on at the planter. If you come up with the right system, our two 00:25 by two rate is 10 gallon to the acre. So with the thousand gallons we're carrying in the side Quest tanks, we can plant a hundred acres to a fill. 00:31 That, of course, saves us one or two fills per day, which is a big deal and creates a lot of time when you think about it over the 00:37 length of the whole season. We have really improved our efficiency since we've gone to the Demco side. 00:41 Quest tanks. We used to carry 700 gallon tanks that went over the fenders of the tractor. Now the Demco tanks are wider, 00:48 but the 700 gallon tanks that we carried here did block the visibility a bit because you couldn't see out in front of the tractor. 00:54 Being wider has proven to be less of a hindrance than the visibility out to the front. And with the 300 extra gallon we carry in the Demco 01:01 tanks, it's an easy choice. This is the better solution for us.

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