Boosting Plant Health with Fungicides
4 Jul 241m 33s

Chad Henderson discusses plant health strategies, and the trial of a new product from Vive Crop Protection applied at V5.

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00:00 Hey y'all, this is Chad Henderson with Extreme Ag and we're talking about some products today. Imagine that. But now 00:05 what we're gonna talk about first is plant health. You know, plant health comes in a variety of ways, whether you wanna do it with fungicides, 00:11 whether you wanna do a fertility myself, I like to do it with a roundabout way. So we'll talk about how applying fungicides is gonna help 00:17 with this plant health. And we can apply these at V five or V 10. And the same time when we're coming in 00:24 with herbicide passes, or we're coming in fertility passes is when we'll talk about putting in a fungicide to help 00:31 with things that we know is gonna come down the road. You know, you talk about like Kevin Matthews, he has a lot more disease pressure 00:37 where he's at than we do here. We a lot of times can plant our corn early and we'll get by a lot of it. 00:43 When I say get by, it'll be on the back end of what's corn has already made. Before we get into it, now you can talk about the way that 00:49 as longer we keep it green, the more test weight we're packing on. We try to mitigate that 00:53 and figure out where's the happy balance at in the fungicide piece. But today the fungicide we're checking on is astronaut. 01:01 It's from Vibe Crop Protection. This is the first year that we've tested it. It looks pretty good the way 01:06 that everything's still got the plant health here on these plants. You'll see we applied the ours at V five and it looks good. 01:11 It looks real good. So stay tuned for what we're gonna give you and what we're gonna show you with this product. 01:17 And we'll see what had come out on the yield side and make sure what diseases that we made it all the way through and didn't have no trouble with. 01:24 So the crop protection astronaut, good job.

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