Boosting Corn Performance: Why We Like This Late Season PGR
28 Aug 231 min 46 sec

As the corn plant switches its focus from vegetative to reproductive, Kelly and Connor really like the way that AgXplore's OnWard Max delivers a late season boost. Here is why they really like this PGR at this point in the season.

00:00 Start. Hi, this is Kelly Gear and I'm here with my oldest son Verne. He's the agronomist in the family. 00:05 And we're standing out here in the field today where we have the trial of Onward Max. This is the first year we've used Onward Max. 00:10 The previous two years we've used Onward, the original product. This is the new version. We're seeing if it's as good as onward, the original, 00:16 because the original was a great product and was a mainstay on our farm. Onward Max looks really good. Uh, the real, 00:23 more than happy with how this ear looks and how this field looks. We made our fungicide pass here 10 days, two weeks ago. Yeah, 00:29 So we really love this hormone package. Just as we switch, the corn switch is focused from vegetative to reproductive, really, 00:35 we see a whole host of benefits with it. Um, we see less tip back on the ear and it really just helps it make that switch more efficiently. The plant's gonna grow more efficiently, 00:46 it's gonna use its nutrients more efficiently, and it's gonna bring the plant into balance. And that's just has so many positive effects that we really love to see out 00:54 here. And, um, like you said, grower standard practice. Yeah. The, the, the efficiency that it provides, the balance, the stress mitigation, the plant health, 01:03 all of those things help us push for top end yield. Uh, these hormones for us have become grower standard practice, and there's more to life than just your basic fertility. Mm-hmm. 01:13 You need to add these products in to help that plant. You know, the, the plant produces these hormones on its own. Right. 01:18 We're just simply supplementing it to help the plant do more. Why are we using this product? The plant health, the stress mitigation, 01:24 the efficiency, the, the helping to bring in the balance of the nutrients. Uh, it's, this is almost more important to me to, 01:31 than fertility now with the soil we've got here. This is a tremendous product that I'm very excited about and I can't imagine not using it. It's, it very much is part of our budget every year.

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