Boost Your Sprayer's Efficiency with This PWM Nozzle Maintenance Tip

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4 Aug 234 min 10 secPremium Content

Are you tired of dealing with clogged or inconsistent spray patterns? Boost your sprayer's efficiency

with this simple maintenance hack for keeping your pulse-width modulated sprayer nozzles operating at peak performance. Kevin shares one of his top maintenance tips for improving PWM (ExactApply) nozzle performance.

I wanted to pass this along to our members. This is something we found with our hacky sprayer. We got the John Deere Zeke Supply system on here. This has been extremely beneficial for us and um, hopefully it will be for you as well. So what we run into is a lot of times you're looking for those green dots on the screen showing that your ledgers are working properly. There's no fault codes on the solenoid valves on each one of the nozzle body. So I'm gonna show you a little bit what we're doing. We're adding dog discharge and detergent to every load along. We use our full tech, it really helps, but when we add that dawn to it, it really makes a big difference. We're also adding the dawn dishwashing turget in our rinse tank. So right, just, I dump it right? And the end of the two inch hose. When I go to fill my rinse tank, we clean water and that is pretty cool. It gets in there. I put three long squirts in there and it doesn't fold up and don't sew it up or anything like that. But when we rinse it, it makes them plungers work so much better. It's unreal. So I'm gonna show you right here kinda what I'm talking about. Okay, so this here is the stem in the vow. Of course, the coal goes on top of it right here, out on that boom section you got a A and a B. And so this is the area, it has to be torqued, but your problem comes right here. You're wanting that, that has gotta push in and out freely. See how it moves in and out. What happens is we, you're using the atrazine and fungicides and different things, you'll get buildup all around this area right here, and it'll even build up inside that coal spring right there. And that's what keeps that plunger going. Well, if you take running that do, and it's the regular dome, do not get another platinum or none of that stuff, just a plain original. Do dishwashing detergent liquid. You, you put it in there and it keeps it lubricated and it'll just sit right there and it goes in and out. This is pretty, as you ever seen. I'm telling you, the downtime is amazingly. I mean, it's unreal. When before I wasn't using it and it was aggravating me all the time, I really wasn't impressed with it. I started using, the doll friend of mine mentioned that he had had some success with it, so we tried it was already using it with her atrazine and it worked. So we decided we'd do that. You are supposed to torque that down with your tool right here. This is your handy little tool. It comes with your kit. So this has all been tort down, but this is just a quick little tip to show you how you, you know, how you look after these. If you do not keep 'em clean and flush, these stays out. You'll get build up in the, here, in these areas and then it'll get in here and like I showed you earlier, It'll stop that spring up and it'll cause that plunger where it can't go in and out. And that thing, it's going in and out extremely fast. I mean, this milliseconds, I can't tell you, hey, it's just, just almost like a quiver when it's pulsing and you gotta protect it and you gotta look after it. So this is the dawn that we use. It's just plain original dawn. Nothing fancy we're going to do is three squares. 1, 2, 3. And that does good. Now, if you do not have the ability and the duckery or whatever and wonder where to do it, well just take your dome, take your cap off and just put it right here. Put three shots in there and hook it up to your sprayer or whatever. And um, it good to go. It'll push it right in there. That's how I put it in my clean water fresh tank that I rinse my boots out with at night. Leaving that doll in there overnight on them. Plungers helps keeping things lubricated where they don't get sticky. Y'all stay safe. I hope this helps you.

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