Bird's Eye View
26 Jul 231 min 32 sec

Chad takes you to one of his favorite places this morning.  Here is why...

00:00 Hey y'all, this is Chad Henderson with Extreme Ag and we're gonna look at a little corn this morning. We're gonna look at it from just a little different angle. 00:06 I know we got drone footage, you know that, but we're gonna look at it from just a little different angle than what we used to look at. And this is one of my favorite places to go. 00:12 And then I'll do some trial work here just to see like what we can look at from a bird's eye view at any time. So check this out. 00:18 This is one of the farms we have that's on the wheeler refuge, and this is a bird watching tower. 00:24 So we'll just run up this tower here and it's an excellent spot to do a little trial work. Then you can run up here all the time. 00:31 You can't always look down on it, you know, with a, with a drone or something. You gotta get it up. So we can just, uh, 00:37 run up here on this tower and just give her old gander. Um, this is some of our nature's products that we've put out in this field here. And we can always, we can look down on, you can see down on the roads and see, 00:50 you can see the plant health of it. You know, we're always giving you a closer look at what we got going on with the plant or what's stalk diameter is brace roots, you know, 00:59 because when the corn gets this tied, we're looking from the bottom up, but also wanna look down the roads and you can see deficiencies when they come. 01:06 Obviously when you see 'em, you behind an eight ball. So scratcher down and do it again next year. But, uh, this is just a little bird's eye view that it was gonna give you of some of the 01:16 nature's products that we've sent out this way and some of our normal programs. So, um, y'all hang in there. Hope everybody be safe today. 01:25 Hope a good corn crop bean crop's headed your way.

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