Bigger Cotton Roots
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Matt Miles needs bigger cotton roots to fend off nematode issues. He is excited about the potential root growth in this trial with



00:00 Hey, there're coming at you with my man, Matt Miles, Caleb Denwitty of Tennessee, who's a large scale farmer and also a farmer dealer for a company called Gans 00:07 and then the CEO of gans over here, Barrett Sek. And we are talking about a trial that Matt's doing. We're pretty excited about it. So, Wholeganics, 00:15 you're excited cuz you just learned in the road right here before we came into this field about a way to apply it to get bigger bang for your buck on cotton. 00:22 Before I do that, what's organics 10 seconds or less? Hogans we're a holistic, organic approach to healthy soil and healthy plants by using a large consortium 00:29 of microbes. You are a farmer dealer, you're also a farmer first, you're a large scale farmer. You and I met years ago before we, even if it, 00:35 even if it's new about organics or extreme ag. Why'd you come to this company? Uh, because we were looking for a way to improve our, 00:43 our overall farm profitability. Fertilizers high. We're looking for a way to, to get the most efficiency out of our soils. 00:50 Caleb biologicals, let's face it, are coming as from every direction. There's a lot of investor money. It went into it. 00:55 There's a lot of promise of this. Why did you choose this one? Cuz face it, a farmer of your scale could probably get just in pick and choose. Yeah, 01:01 Because they're all bacterias. This is a consortium of products, you know, it's 800 micros in this product. I 01:07 Like it. We wanted you in this video because Matt Miles is doing the trial and he's in the Delta region of Arkansas and he's our only cotton and rice producer with an 01:15 extreme ag. He learned that he probably could have applied something better on the cotton, but then you said no, 01:21 it'll still work if you go over the top or behind it or whatever. So how did you apply this product and how are you going to, uh, 01:29 get big bang for your buck? So I've got, I've got two different trials. They're in rice and cotton both. And tho those are two crops through extreme ag that are not well represented 01:37 other than basically me and a and a few other guys. I will say, you know, we're sitting back here in Chad's field and he said this is some of the dirt 01:43 that holds the earth together. Well this is the kind of dirt I farm at home. Mm-hmm. You know, his bad dirt's, my good dirt. So, you know, if it, it, 01:49 it's something that really sparked my eye as we were in the road kind of talking about the product. You know, all the advantages, the product, uh, you know, 01:56 it's, it's a root stimulator. It's got 800, over 800, uh, you know, species of biology in it. Very sustainable. Uh, 02:04 there's so many different boxes it checks. Yeah. And then I learned in the road that it's, it will con, it will help with root not nematodes just because you're getting a healthier 02:12 root. We've got terrible root knot nematodes in our area on our deep sands. The only way to combat that is a bigger root. 02:18 A lot of the products that we use are nemic decides don't promote big root growth. They try to kill the, the, uh, nematodes. 02:26 So if we can get the root growth, you know, stimulate the root growth to control the, you know, the nematodes, that's gonna be a win-win situation for sure. 02:33 Uh, you're not a rice producer, you are a cotton producer. Yes. And so you said, Hey, don't sweat it cuz he was worried he didn't apply, uh, 02:42 the organics product by oh 800 the right way. And you said, no, don't sweat it, you're still gonna be okay. Yep, 02:47 Yep. You can apply it even after it comes up is the, the best ROI is at planning. Okay. And then second best ROI is within, uh, a little bit of after emergence. Yep. 02:57 Well, my concern was it can I didn't I, you know, I wasn't sure if it could go infer or not. Yeah. Which we tend to get better results out of infer than we do soil applied. 03:06 But what they've told me about this product soil applies just as good as, as infer. So, you know, we've still checked that box too. 03:12 And here, Here's what you gotta remember, it's a self replicating active ingredient. So we're putting those microbes down. If you put 'em fur, 03:17 you got a lot of microbes where they need to be. You don't put 'em in furrow, they will reproduce and grow where they need to be. 03:23 So will we end up with more by solar plant? You'll end up with more over a broad acre, but you'll end up with the microbes in the right populations. 03:30 At the right locations. Yeah. Either way. Yeah. Matt, When I was at your farm in Arkansas last year, you said, my, my dad always told me about cotton's a plant that looks for a way to die every 03:37 day. Um, inter biologicals. You didn't use 'em five years ago. Now you're, now you're starting to use them. 03:43 Is it making the the cotton plant less, uh, less, uh, frail? Yeah, I think, well yes. I I really do think that because I mean, 03:53 we plant our cotton last week and within five days we had a stand. You know, so we're doing things today with infer programs and with products like they have 04:02 to increase the, uh, resilience of the cotton, you know, cotton seed. You, you, you agree with me? I mean, 04:07 a cotton plant does all it can do not to live till you get it outta the ground. All right. Now, 04:11 No offense to your soils, but you already, uh, discussed them, uh, beforehand. The, one of the big promises of this, uh, 04:17 Barrett is that you grab fertility that's in the soil that, uh, was not necessarily available before. He doesn't have any organic matter. 04:26 I've been there. It's it's sand, it's, it's it's flat, it's it leeches with all the precipitation and the irrigation. Is there much bang for your buck with a biological like this to grab fertility 04:37 when there's not much fertility there and there's not much organic matter there? Well, so 04:40 First of all you're usually putting it down with some level of fertility. So we will help make sure that the fertility that you do use gets used more 04:46 efficiently by the plant. Obviously we're not accessing fertility that's not in the soil already. Yeah. But you want more organic matter in your soil. Best way to do that roots. Deep, 04:55 thick roots with the right microbes that turn roots into humus, raises organic matter. Caleb, 05:00 Has it been your experience? I mean, is there somebody that's getting a bigger bang for their buck with something like this than maybe you are or maybe he will? 05:05 Or do you think it doesn't matter? Uh, I think it doesn't matter. I think any soil has unique issues. Uh, yeah. Point five on organic matter. That's tough. You know, we're, 05:15 we've finally gotten in the low twos and my product, my dream with this product and my demand of this product is to get us to three. Got it. And we need water holding 05:24 And we've got the fertility. We don't have the organic matter and that will tend to make these nutrients a little bit deficient in plants. The higher organic matter you got, 05:31 the less deficient say manganese will be magnesium. This product with, with the root enhancement will, will probably eliminate some of that. I would, 05:38 even if it don't raise the organic matter, it's gonna eliminate some of our deficiencies. Stay tuned. 05:43 He's the only extreme ag guy that plays in the cotton and rice and he's the one that's gonna be doing the trial on this product, uh, by oh 800 from organic. 05:52 So stay tuned. If you're in the cotton and rice business, you know what? You wanna see what Matt has to say and he does a great job with all the trials 05:58 he ever produces with his son Lane there in McGee, Arkansas. Caleb Denwitty from, uh, Tennessee, 06:03 who is a farmer first and then a dealer for the organics company and then the Barrett, uh, the founder and CEO o of organics. Uh, 06:09 if they wanna learn more about organics, where do they? Got it. Till next time. 06:13 Damien Mason coming at you from a field that's apparently some of the best dirt that Matt could ever dream of and some of the worst dirt that Chad has in 06:20 Madison, Alabama.

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