Beyond Saving Fertilizer, Kelly's Trial Uncovers an Unexpected Yield Increase

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7 Dec 231 min 51 secPremium Content

In this video, Kelly from XtremeAg shares the unexpected and surprising results of his recent


trial. Initially, Kelly's expectations were centered around achieving fertilizer savings through the system's method of concentrated dosing near the seed placement. However, the trial not only met these expectations in terms of cost efficiency but also yielded an unforeseen benefit: a significant increase in crop yield.

It's that time of year where we come in the office and look at the trial results. Some of 'em I'm not surprised at. This is one of those that I'm surprised at. This is a cap stand, select shot trial. This is where we put the select shot versus just five gallons in the trench. When we put the select shot system on our planners, I was excited about the select shot system. After we verified that we are gonna save 30% on fertilizer. When we did it that first year. My INF Furrow program is about $37 an acre this last year. So we were saving about $13 an acre, getting the real cost down to $24 because again, the select shot system is tied into the eye on the seed tube and it shoots a concentrated band of fertilizer on every seed. Therefore, you're not wasting any fertility in between the seeds. So, like I said, uh, we saved 30%. That made the system to me valuable because in about 1500 acres of corn it was paid for and then it started giving us an ROI, which is what extreme ag is all about. Well, capstan claims that you also can have a yield bump because of the concentrated amount of fertilizer on the seed. I was very skeptical about this. I didn't know if we would see anything at all, but again, 30% savings. I'm all about it. Here's the results. Brian very much wanted us to do this trial. I don't think it'd come out as anything, but again, I need to do the work to find out. And the results are a nine bushel positive replicated. Three times we averaged nine bushel. It, uh, a little over $5 corn. Basically it, uh, returned $48 and 9 cents an acre. Huge return on the select shot system. I couldn't be happier about this because I feel really good about this data. I know the field we did it in. This was a great trial, and so now we're saving 30% on fertility and we return $48 an acre in a yield bump. What's not to love about that?

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