Beyond Nitrogen: Chad's Recipe for Enhanced Fertility and Yield

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17 Jan 242 min 35 secPremium Content

Chad Henderson seizes the perfect weather to apply nitrogen to his fields, but his sprayer tank holds more than just fertilizer. Chad reveals the additional ingredients he mixes into his application and explains how these enhance fertility and boost next season's yields. Dive into the strategies and reasons behind his unique blend for agricultural success. This is a member only video.

So we're putting out some nitrate today. Um, when I say that what we're doing is, this is the 1st of January and a lot of times we don't get a chance to get out here, but the weather conditions and the ground is giving us availability to do that. So what we're doing is we're putting out, uh, a percentage of our nitrate. And when I say that we're putting out anywhere from 12 to 15 gallon according to the farm, and we're going to put out 28 0 0 5 and then we're putting in cubics with it. It's anywhere from Aquar according to what we're trying to do up to a gallon of ic. And we, we'd like to put the hum in because of a buffer, um, carbon source, um, making fertility more available. It's a lot of things that goes on with the humans. We're always trying to make our dirt, our soil. Um, our plants all think that they're in an environment that they're really not in. 'cause our dirt and our soil is not as good as a lot of other areas. So we have to use some of these products to help buffer that and to get it to where they know they think they're in a bearing better environment, you know, and it's, and we've seen it, you know, produce more grain and grain quality from it. So along with that, you know, we'll always slide a little boron in there. We can't forget that. And we'll always slide in a little, you know, like big the last year or so here when we've been doing this as a lot of times when we put in this fertility pass as we make sure we have some kind of nitrogen or phosphorus, well, we have a nitrogen stabilizer in sometimes, but also a phosphorus solubilizer. So, we'll, any fertility, uh, treatment that we make, we'll slide it in to help get it carried in to make nutrients again, more available. And, you know, it's, we've talked a lot about that, making nutrients more available. But with that is, I mean we, a lot of us has got the fertility that we need to produce, the crops that we need to produce, but a lot of it's tied up, whether it's a calcium or mag or what, you know, whatever problem that you, that you have on certain farms, you're still trying to free those units of fertility up. So a lot of the products we put down, whether it be, you know, from the nitrogen to the cu to the phosphorous solubilizers are trying to do that. So just a little tip is not always just fertilizer.

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