Better Together or Alone?
30 Mar 233 min 43 sec

Matt Miles is running a complex test plot using grower standard practice with products from





Agrotech USA

.  His goal is to determine the ideal combination of products for his grower standard practice. 

00:00 Hey guys. Just wanted to kind of give you an update of what we're doing today. 00:04 We planted about 900 acres of corn 900 Acres of beans in the last couple of days was able to get all the Planters going. 00:12 You know, it's it's been pretty good. We've had pretty good weather rain coming in about six o'clock this afternoon. So we're 00:18 gonna we're gonna quit and this was something I could do. That would slow me down a little bit is to do this project that line 00:24 and I come up with today. So what we did is we took our grower standard one of our Growers standard practices, we've got two or three, you know different combinations. We'll 00:33 use but this specific one was first down and crop Max from Nature's and then with Teva we were running mmt is 00:42 sugar and also running complex and sea cat and then to that mix we added from agrotech the the Nutri charge which is a phosphorus. I call 00:54 it a phosphorus enhancer if you will also works as a nitrogen stabilizer several different things you can use that product that he with or 01:03 ionize if you have granular and do the same thing. So what we doing is we've got five replicated passes. 01:12 Of a grower standard practice. Now, this could also be exchanged out with different sugars different humic phobics, you know other products that we use. 01:21 This is specifically what we had in a tank when we got out here. So with this we did five passes of our grower standard practice, then we took each individual 01:30 product out. So so for instance, we took out crop Max and we ran that individually so you've 01:39 got a grower standard practice with with the combination of all those products then a pass of just crop Max 01:45 then a pass of just first down then a pass of Nutri charge in a pass of sea cat then a pass of complex and 01:54 so on so every in there's five five replicated trials in his 40 acre field. So every time we ran a grower standing practice, we 02:03 turned around and ran a specific product to go, you know stand alone product. Now what I think we're gonna see 02:11 is we will probably see that each one of those products individually. There will not be enough difference in yield to 02:18 tell to tell a whole lot. There's a couple of them that may be but that's the caveat of this. You know, we talk about this a 02:24 lot. Kelly Kelly talks about this all time. It is a systems approach. So we're taking you know one product here one product here may not make a big difference. But when you synergize 02:33 those together, then you get a positive Roi so if we're rocking along here doing this and we come up with one of these specific products. It really rocks and 02:42 rolls then we know. Hey, we've got this one product that that's really doing some stuff by itself. 02:48 So, you know, then we add on or we stack on the next products with it. And you know, we'll see what we'll see what it's gonna be. We'll be able to take each individual 02:57 pass and get a yield on that as well as a yield, you know across the field if there's major differences. We'll see, you know difference in a yellow line and a green 03:06 line as the planter passes go through it's all recorded. It's all recorded. It's specific different applications 03:12 so gonna be real easy to It's something that we need to know you need to know. We need to know it and we're just happy 03:21 to see what we can find out. So, you know, I just want to give a shout out to everybody that's starting to plant right now. You know, I hope everything goes well. Hope you stay safe 03:31 and you know, just be mindful that it's long hours and it gets it gets tiring sometimes. So pay attention to your health.

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