Bean In Control
24 Oct 223 min 45 sec

Temple Rhodes takes a minute to step out  of the combine to take a closer look at his Beans on Beans trial that he conducted this year. He talks about what he is learning about his ability to control the plant.

00:00 Hey guys, Temple Ridge of extreme AG just want to take a couple seconds here and tell you about another trial that we did. Well, we did one for beans on beans 00:09 and we're trying to figure out why exactly we have that yield drag of, you know, eight to ten bushels sometimes and highly managed crops. It's a lot more than eight 00:18 to ten. All right. These are the beans that we were looking at. I'll zoom in here some so you can see him we these beans 00:27 here. Or playing at 125,000. Um, they're down some what but there's a ton of pods in there there. We lost some at 00:38 the bottom. Let me pull a stalk out here and I can show you they're big stalks. 00:50 but you know the root quality is there and I mean they're dead rotted out now, but we 00:57 I think a lot of what we're seeing is is you know, we got this look at all the you know, the nodes and the the longation there in 01:06 the beginning. We're getting an urgent into that plant been going beans on beans and then once I got control of them and I took some control 01:16 You know, then all of a sudden we started stacking them at the top. You know and that's what works. That's what kind of what we're 01:23 getting at. I can we can kind of adjust these plans. But it's learning how to control them. So I'm gonna take a look here in a minute. I'm gonna walk across the field here to 01:34 the other side on the other side that irrigation and I'm going to show you what those plants look like. It's a pretty tremendous difference 01:40 between the two those over there just they're pretty beings, but they're not quite what we're looking for be back to you in just a few. 01:49 Alright y'all I'm back. I'll came over here to the other side of the field. Here's the other beans over here where it's not intensely managed in term I come my 01:58 camera around here So there's irrigation over on that side is where I was that's where I just got done cutting the rest of those beans off for that 02:08 yield trial. These are my regular beans. This is just normal practice. Nothing different. They're down a little bit more. Maybe 02:18 I don't know. They're they're all down some I'm gonna show you real quick. You can tell the health is just not here the plants just don't 02:27 They fall right apart a little bit. They're kind of a little bit more like a thin line Bean. So I broke them off a little bit here. But here's this is 02:37 regular beans not intensely masked managed. Not a lot of PODS. That's them out. There here is the ones 02:46 that were intensely managed. There's a difference right amount of pods. 02:54 And your stacking pods stacking more nodes. We still have a lot of room to go down here because we're not putting anything on there and we're also not putting 03:03 a lot on these branches. You know you look at these branches these branches don't hardly have anything on them. I guess they all add up. 03:12 but we're really figuring some stuff out here again. These are beans on beans. 03:18 And I'm pretty impressed with you know coming from this. To these over here. 03:25 You know just reaching down and grabbing any beans. That's what you got. That's a big difference. 03:33 I mean, I'm I kind of overwhelmed and the results. are big stay tuned guys. We'll be back to you soon.

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