Be Careful Of These Changes to Disc Openers

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29 Sep 231 min 28 secPremium Content

Chad has a warning about a change to John Deere disc openers that he wants to share with members.

Hey y'all, John Deere's changing a part number on their dis openers. So with that being said, they're offering a 15% discount on the dis openers they have in stock to get this part number changed out. Well, if y'all remember the dis openers that were in stock last year, there was a bunch of 'em that wasn't in, they wasn't in within rounds, they wasn't, the pole wouldn't punch in the center. So we had a bunch of waly dis opens. When you purchase these under a different part number, guess what? You can't take 'em back. So they're trying to get rid of these. It's like, be careful. You could probably go in there if your man has three or 400 of these, you might go through there and pick through and get you some, save you 15% on uh, dis to, but be real careful 'cause you can't get some wobbled up dis to and deer ain't gonna let you bring 'em back, I would assume with changing part numbers. So I kind of thought everybody should know that and not just, you know, 'cause the salesman calls, you're right there in the middle of harvest. They know what they're doing. You're right there in the middle of harvest. Yeah, put me back 300 of them. Guess what? You got 300 disc openers that the hole ain't centered in. So, uh, just be careful of that and, uh, know that those are out there and they're trying to get, maybe we can get 'em all set back there and used up and maybe the new card number will be be, we'll be centered up. If not, we'll figure out where else to buy it from. Alright, y'all have a good day.

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