A More Balanced Hormonal Composition
30 May 241m 26s

Kelly talks about a trial he is conducting with a three-way PGR from Corteva Biologicals that is designed to optimize root development. He specifically likes its balanced hormonal composition and hopes it will outperform their current grower standard practices. Stay-Tuned

00:00 Hi, I'm Kelly Gear from Extreme Ag here in the office today because it's raining again. What a difference a year makes, you know, 00:06 after two years of drought, 22 and 23 being very hot and dry. Now here we are in the spring of 24. 00:12 Seems like I've spent a lot of time in the office as we get another rain. In the last week we received five inches throughout four 00:18 different rain events and, uh, very excited for the crop that's going in. 'cause I feel like we have adequate moisture 00:24 for the first time in three years. Today I'm here in the office and I've been talking with Mike Evans 00:28 about our yield trials. One that I'm especially excited about is from Corteva Biologicals that's got quite a name, 00:34 fortified Stimulant Yield. Enhancer Plus is the name of the product. This product is a three-way, PGR. 00:41 It's got Oxidants, STOs, and gibs, which are three different kinds of hormones that we put in furrow for, uh, 00:46 root stimulants and, and development. The product that we're currently using in my grower standard practice, we feel could be two oxen dominant. 00:52 You know, this is a research that Evans and I have come up with upon further trying to learn about our, uh, our fertility program. 01:00 And when you have a product that is too oxid dominant, it doesn't put everything in the right direction. So again, you want to have the right balance. 01:07 So we're trying this product, it's new to us because we feel it does have the right balance, and we're excited about that going forward. 01:13 I'm hopeful for these trials this year. Maybe we can make an improvement on our Grower Standard practice and move this into our lineup full time next year.

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