Back With A New Stand
17 May 231 min 3 sec

What a difference a few weeks makes for the reigning NCGA yield contest champion. Heath is back in the field that he just ripped up a few weeks ago with a new stand.

00:00 All right guys. Heath Cuttrell with Extreme Ag. Uh, we're back on the same field where we toured up the beginning of May, I think the fourth. We replanted this farm, and this is a follow up. 00:12 As you can see, we got a, a really good stand. It's actually a perfect stand. And yeah, we do have some, uh, 00:20 suckers that are coming up are from the last corn that we planted, but, uh, everything has actually turned out perfect. We've, uh, we had good, uh, 00:29 moisture when we planted this corn along with, uh, like I said, the, the stand is couldn't be any more. Perfect. Uh, 00:37 we planted this farm at 38,000 originally, uh, when we came back because it was a few weeks later, we ended up putting it back at 36,000. 00:49 But I'm very happy with the way things looked. We had a small shower, rain, about two and a half tents here last night. So, uh, this is where we're at. 00:57 Thank you.