Assessing Farm Combine Performance: Kevin's Experience with XPR2 Concaves
12 Oct 232 min 8 sec

Kevin installed the XPR2 concaves in his combine and the difference has been unbelievable.  He gets out of the combine and takes a look at the results.

00:00 50 thorn here today and these John Deere combines, they do a pretty good job, but if you really want to get 'em right, they've been running the Estes Xpr two concaves and the separator rates 00:14 for the last several years. If you're running a deer combine and you're having trouble and you're running this factory o e m round bars, I'll tell you right now, 00:23 these right here is unbelievable. The difference. They'll make you have a lot less fines in your dryer. It's a lot cleaner drain sample. And quite frankly, 00:34 if you're on plant level ground, you can roll these things, the going through 'em and not lose 'em like you do with o E m. Now, 00:42 if you're old slope, steep ground, you need to slow down a lot because you ain't using the full capacity combine. So, uh, 00:48 because there's only so much you can do there unless you got a Hillel tur get a chunk. 00:52 But we had opportunity to stop to walk behind the combine and see what we got going on. 00:57 If we're gonna walk through an area where we're running about 225, 230 bush and, uh, see what it's doing. 01:04 And I encourage you to do the same with your machine. You get a moment waiting on the grain cart, sir, you get off and start walking and see what your machine's doing. 01:12 If you don't have someone checking behind you, well let's go. What you here as you're knocking the chocolate header, we, 01:19 you gotta determine is it grain lost from, from your corn head or is it coming off the back of the combine? And you can tell right here, the ground is fleeing there. There's just very, 01:30 very little, if any, corn at all on the ground. And the only way I've been able to do that with our John Deere voters is with the 01:38 Estes Con. So, uh, these xpr r twos are amazing, But you really need that separator grade In the back. 01:46 Replace it, do the full package, or you're not gonna to be as satisfied. That separator grade is what sets to being a park right there. 01:53 It's amazing what they beat. Also, make sure all your concaves are leveled. I don't care what kind they are, if they're not leveled, 01:59 they're not going to perform. I promise you, they will not Perform. Y'all stay safe.

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