Are you killing your bugs?
4 Jun 232 min 13 sec

If you are using biologicals, make sure you do this first!

00:00 Hey guys, Matt Swanson here with the extreme Ag. Got a little player time tip, but this goes for any time of the year. Okay, so we're go, 00:08 we're using a lot of biologicals, a lot of, uh, live type organisms. And what we need to remember is when we're mixing some of these products, 00:17 we need to make sure we treat the chlorinated water. This is something that we didn't know probably four or five years ago. We actually were using a product, a seed treatment that we were trying to, 00:30 to apply and we were having some weird deals where some places it would work and some places it wouldn't. 00:36 And what we couldn't figure out is what's going on. And then we realized a lot of those places had chlorinated water they were mixing the product with. So once we fixed that, 00:44 we were able to see a lot more consistent results out of that seed treatment. So what we're gonna say with extreme ag anyway is at the very least, 00:54 consult your product provider and make sure that you don't need to treat your water that you're mixing your biologicals with. 01:02 With something like bio prep, which is what I use, Berry cheap per acre, I think it's like eight or 10 cents per acre to treat it. Um, 01:11 and I, and even then it wouldn't hurt to run a little bit with it unless your, unless your provider is absolutely positive because we found that some providers 01:20 just aren't aware that the chlorinated water can be an issue, whether that's at the lab level or down by the time it makes you to the 01:28 salesman. On this planter pass, right now we're using pivot bios, proven 40, which is an absolute have to treat the chlorinated water product. Now, 01:37 some general rules, if you know, is a lot of the different biology, it's really strained specific. What needs the bio prep or what doesn't. 01:50 So consult with your provider honestly, for what the cost is. It wouldn't hurt to go ahead and include something like bio prep in every pass 01:59 that you're making with a biological, just to make sure that, uh, you're not killing your bugs before they ever hit the ground.