Another Tool In The Toolbox
6 May 236 min 47 sec

Kevin talks about how he uses Xyway and Zironar from FMC in his planting fertility program.

00:00 so folks we kind of got a challenge here where we are where we have this microclimate here in North Carolina and at Foothills Appalachian Mountains in this Yadkin river 00:09 valley where we Farm the You know fungicide y'all heard me talk about fungicide. You probably don't even want to hear me talk about it no more but there's so 00:19 many different options out there and products out there. Now, we got you know, we can use drones to 00:25 spray with, you know, we got many types of high clearance sprayers, we our sales we run a haggy and a New Holland. 00:34 We like both those sprayers 120 foot booms. This year will be running zone will be using drones to help spray as well. That's going to be interesting but 00:44 then Some of our Fields the terrain is so rough. It's it's rolls. It tosses at those at small patches. It's a lot of houses a lot 00:58 of obstacles power lines. power poles telephone poles cable TV poles I mean you name it and then they got little Cable cable lines 01:09 that you can't get you sprayer under it's just aggravating this stuff you ever seen so our other option is 01:15 using a product ziway, which is a fungicide we've had three years. This is our third year going in was Highway and so this is two years 01:25 of solid data and the product actually does it holds it all the way out to that R3 R4 time frame and not requiring a 01:35 second application, which is pretty impressive on our Upland our River bottoms. I still get scared. I'm going I'm still going to put that second application out there. So the 01:45 nice thing is it we've got two but two on our Planters right here. 01:49 And we run our two by two which is actually about three inches off this way this and set up but it runs in and it squirts right 01:58 out through the gauge wheel there. This setup right here. I really don't like it's just not. 02:05 It's very expensive to maintain it's aggravating. I'm gonna go away with it and I'm gonna start injecting it right here in front of this disc and let it 02:17 incorporate it into the ground and I'm gonna have to build me something to do that this winter. I ain't worried about it. I can build it and make it work and it'll do good on our 02:26 other planner. We run a closure system a different one and we put it right there. So we've compared it 02:33 putting it in the ground and we've compared it to putting it on top of the ground. This is Highway product and some 02:39 say, you know may not be as effective as that another. Well, I will tell you side by side in the same field. We cannot 02:45 see Zero difference in the effectiveness whether we put it sort of tealed up incorporated into ground with our closure system 02:54 on our other planter or if we put it down deep into the ground like we're doing with my planter here. So that's why I'm gonna go away from this right here. It's 03:04 just too costly it. Don't work worth the darn. It's aggravating. We can't get no life out of the swords and we're going to start putting this product in right 03:13 here. We have seen some very good results with it. It maintains it holds and it's another tool and a toolbox. I'm still not ready 03:23 to do a hundred percent of my Acres with it because I like to have I just don't like I won't plant 100% in one variety of corn. I know that variety corn is the 03:32 best I've had and it's always going to win but I'm still not gonna put 100% of my Acres because sometime or no it's gonna have a bad day and I can't risk losing 03:42 my whole entire crop on a bad day. You know, we got to be smart about this and you know is it's a it sounds odd, but 03:51 that's just the way I approach my chemicals. I use I'm very cautious on doing my whole crop at one time. Our equipment's 03:57 big. We do a lot of Acres at one time and we could really and we can make a lot of money and we can lose a lot of money don't like losing money. I 04:04 do that enough with the weather. So another product we're trying this year from FMC along, you know, we know the 04:10 highway works and now we're trying this product called Zion or and it's a it's a biological nematicide now, 04:16 why are we doing that? Why would we need that product? Well, do we we must have an imitudes actually? 04:25 When we send our samples to the lab, we pull a sample right here and it's clean very little if not, maybe no nematodes in that sample. We 04:34 move three foot over and we pull a sample and it's exploding with nematodes and you're like, well, I don't make sense and we we not 04:44 been able to prove it and imitates. This cost us a lot of yield but we don't know that so when we go pull samples we get random samples through the field one will 04:53 come back. It'll be high other come back. No and then you look over all average of the field. You think well, we're not I'm not going 04:59 to spend the money on it. So I'm not going to worry about it. But if hemc's got this new design or 05:06 that we're going to try it's got to biological activity in it, which is a great thing and then the Mad side 05:12 type activity to help control these nematodes. So we're going to see this year in the field. We got a 40 almost 60 05:22 acre plot, and we're going to see whether injecting that in Furrow is going to help and give us a yield bump. The nematodes 05:31 may be worse out there in that field when we realize they are it's no way possible. You're going to sample every spot that you corns in 05:37 so We don't know. Whether we're really above threshold or not. We don't think we are. But that's why we have on Farm tests. We're going to find out it worked. 05:49 Well with fertilizer did not have any issues with the other ingredients that we is using in Furrow. One thing is we're doing a shot link right here. So we're going to be two inches 05:59 off with this planter. That concerns me a little bit. I feel like that product should be directly on the seed and really coat that area 06:08 because them Roots is going to take it in and explode with growth and then that's gonna help also defend off the the 06:14 nematodes with that no matter side type characteristic. It has just want to tell you a little bit about why we're using these products and and what 06:23 we're looking for in them. So if you've not tested your fields for nematodes in the past, I've strongly encourage you to do that throughout your growing season, you might be 06:32 surprised at what you find. I know I have been and we've still not had a test come back saying we're above threshold, but y'all stay 06:42 safe.

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