12 Jul 231 min 28 sec

The XA guys talk a lot about in-furrow programs, but what if you don't have an in-furrow capability? Temple has a solution to try.

00:00 So for those guys out there that don't have an infer program, so, um, you know, one of the things that we're trying to work on extreme ag, 00:08 you know, we talk about a lot of infer. We talk about a lot of UBA two, ubatuba, two starter 8 million different versions of how you can put things on. 00:17 Well, one of the things I'm gonna talk about today is in corn and soybeans, both we've, um, we've used this new hopper throttle, um, 00:26 it's a dry talc that we can kind of replace some of that talc powder that we put on our seed has in planting. 00:33 And it's got a whole full on micronutrient pack. And I'm a big micronutrient guy. Um, in my, in furrow, I don't put anything else in there. I might put a PGR plus, you know, 00:47 some biologicals plus some micros. Um, so basically this takes the, the place of all of that. So I really don't need to do that. 00:57 So we've got some stuff out here that's in furrow on corn and beans versus the new hyper throttle. And at this point right now, 01:05 I've never lacked for anything. So I'm real excited about that cuz that could cut out a lot of passes for a lot of guys. You know, if you don't have in furrow, we have options. 01:15 So that's one of the things that we're really excited about, extreme ag. So stay tuned. 01:19 We're gonna come out with some labs and some trials and we're gonna figure it out for you.

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