An Application for Improved Soybean Branching
14 Jun 221 min 5 sec

Last season, Kelly Garrett lost yield due to weak branching on his soybeans.  The large plants with weaker branches could not hold the pods. Mike Evans of Integrated Ag Solutions thinks that Kelly can improve branch strength with a v2 application.  Mike talks about the application and why he thinks this might be the answer this season.

00:00 Hi everyone, Mike Evans here with integrated AG Solutions today. I'm out. 00:05 Here I want to Kelly Garrett's soybean fields near Del City Iowa, and we were doing some foliar trials on these soybeans. These 00:11 beans are about V1 V2 and through our observations from last year. We know that we couldn't hold the branching on 00:19 the plants in late season and working with the members of extreme Ag and Jason slide Next Level. We learned 00:26 that it probably was due to a lack of calcium available at this time when it was set in those nodes. So we're out here spraying these calcium products seeing what we can do to help 00:36 build that strength in those branching so we can hold those branches. Those branches could be 10 20 bushel at times. So 00:43 If we can hold those branches build better structure here at this point. It's gonna be a big payoff we've 00:49 belief or we'll see if the data shows it but we're gonna keep an eye on these fields and hope to see what we can find that works and doesn't and 00:59 let you guys know.

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