Enhancing Winter Wheat Quality and Yield with Advanced Foliar Applications
28 May 241m 26s

Kelly breaks down his foliar application for winter wheat.

00:00 Hi, this is Kelly Git from Extreme Ag. We're out here in our winter wheat field today. Our good friends from Agriland are up here 00:06 putting on the foliar. Our sprayers are busy trying to catch up with the corn pre since we're behind with all the rain. 00:12 So we appreciate Gary and Alan Cone up doing that in the blend that we have going out today. 00:16 On the wheat, obviously we have a fungicide. We also have some slow release nitrogen from Natures that Tommy sent us. 00:23 The idea behind the slow release nitrogen is to try to add protein to the wheat. We get, of course, get paid on quality, not just quantity 00:29 and protein content gives us a nice bonus. We also have in here Hero from FMC, which is an insecticide with two modes of action. 00:36 The reason we're putting that on the wheat is when Evans and Windrow out scouting it, they saw aphids. 00:40 So of course then we have to add a insecticide. The other product that we have in here is new. It's called Full Send. Full Send is a new product. 00:49 It's built by two different companies, integrated Ag Solutions and Bio Ag Management out Illinois. Mike Evans and Clint Freeze. 00:55 Were put in a lot of work behind this. They're excited about it. There's gonna be a full lineup 00:59 of full send products coming out. The idea of full send is to help fill the seed out and put more kernels per spikelet. 01:06 How we're hoping Full Send will work is that it will continue to send throughout the reproductive cycle. 01:11 It will continue to send sugars from the root system to the seed. That's where we're gonna try to get more seeds per spikelet. 01:17 So we're excited to try it here. They've been working on it harder over the winter, and we'll have to see how it goes.

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