Addressing Some of The Things We Are Lacking
28 Jun 231 min 38 sec

Kevin is checking his grower standard program against a pre-mix of Nachurs product to see if he can make up for some of the things that he thinks his GSP might be missing.  

00:00 Got an extreme AC report here, um, doing some little fertilized test plots. So we've got my planter here. We're, we've got 1903, which is a pioneer variety, 00:12 119 day corn. We've got it, um, with, in both planters we're running 24 row planters, 22 inch basins. But what's neat about today is, 00:25 is we're trying to compare to see if our grower standard practice is still the right thing to be using. 00:32 So we've had our friends at Nature's come up with a blend that is supposedly addresses some of the issues that we're lacking, 00:42 that lacking on our souls. We're always short on phosphorus and then we're trying to get potassium and everything into the plants as, as well as a lot of our micros. 00:54 So what we're doing here is we've got a combination of products that Nature's provides to see if it's worth investing in getting them just a 01:03 pre-mix and ship it to our farm. And, um, so what better way to do it than a 55 acre field? We've got two planters in here, 01:12 one with our grower standard and the other in with the nature's product. And we're gonna take it to harvest and we're gonna see how this does. And, uh, 01:20 but it's all about addressing what your short, what your needs, that your crop has and your soil has. So, uh, 01:28 just another plot that we got going on here. Look forward to seeing the results and following up this summer. Y'all stay safe.

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