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Biologicals are all the rage in the Agriculture industry, but even if your soil may be loaded with biology, Kelly talks about how he utilizes


 to activate his soil biology and reduce the amount of Nitrogen he applies throughout the season.

00:00 Hi, this is Kelly here from extreme AG. We're here today in the sound AG booth and Louisville Kentucky at the national farm machinery show 00:06 source is a very important product on my farm when we're talking about carbon and nitrogen ratio being sustainable reducing nitrogen and improving 00:15 yields all at the same time. Yes. So everybody's hyped up about the biological. Space is not a biological. We are not a microbial where we're 00:29 actually a full year applied chemistry synthetic chemistry. Yes. Yep, exactly. So it will move through the plan out the roots 00:38 into the roots Zone and we're activating that existing soil biology. So you're native soil 00:44 biology. So targeting nitrogen fixing bacteria and phosphate solubilizing microbes you want to use that free nitrogen out 00:53 of the air convert it for your plants and also solubilize your tied up phosphorus make that available in the root Zone throughout 00:59 the season where I live in Western, Iowa in the Hills a second application of nitrogen just is not possible. We have too much iron blight, you know, we run 01:08 the crop over so we put the source in at VT with our fungicide pass in the plane or the helicopter huge results. We're very happy here. 01:17 Yeah, and that's a great timing, you know, there's different strategies with timing with Source. You can go on early with your 01:23 herbicide pass four to six weeks or later in the season for Growers that need that late season nitrogen boost and that phosphorus to make that grain. Thank you Rebecca. We 01:32 really appreciate everything. Yeah. Thank you. Find out more sound at it.

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