Achieving Field Balance

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23 Jul 223 min 45 secPremium Content

Early in his career, Kelly was convinced that you had to push fertility in order to get bigger yields. Today he stands in front of one of his top performing fields and talks about the steps he has taken to balance this field using more than fertility.

Hi, this is Kelly Garrett from extreme mag here today with a field report. This field is between my shop and my house. Obviously you can see my house there in the background. This is an irrigated field where we really try to do research and push yields. I'm excited about this field. because early in my career, I always felt that we needed to push more fertility all the time to try to raise bigger yields and what I have found out through Jason Sly altoops, you know, Mike Evans my extreme AG Partners Kevin called It isn't always about pushing fertility. It's about achieving balance in the soil to open it up to let it reach its potential. I had it it's a little bit hard for me to explain. It's sometimes it's over my head, but and it was hard not to push fertility, you know to think that we needed to push more fertility to do better. But in this field this year, I'm excited about it. I'm optimistic. Obviously we have to take it to yield but I feel we have finally achieved a balance and what we did here is take our normal things out of the furrow. and we put in calcium liberate CA from agril liquid to be honest and we put in some some zinc from meristem and then we've also will apply liberate from agril liquid again, and we will apply full-text zinc from spraytech Over the Top the reason for that is is because with all the available phosphorus we have Our phosphoruses zinc ratio gets out of whack here pretty easily. You know, that's because of my plant food by product with with the available phosphorus. So we want to apply zinc a few times calcium is a very hard product for anyone to deal with because it is so positively charged it gets tied up and it's hard to find a good foliar or infertile calcium product that you can mix with anything liberate. CA has proven to be the best. We have found, you know, Edgar liquid really has a great product there. So behind us here Richie's actually cleaning the haggy out right now. We've been fully applying on soybeans and we're going to fully apply on this corn and some of our other cornfields. We're gonna put teramore in from agrasen for stress mitigation because the forecast now for the rest of July is pretty hot and dry. We just received some rain. So things are pretty nice right now, but I know the rest of July It could be pretty hot. And so again terramar from agerson is going on. Since we're going across the field, we'll make another foliar application the liberate from agril liquid. We'll have full tag zinc from spraytech probably have some boron in there. I'm sure from Wendell at us borax to again. You're making that pass. Why wouldn't you apply all those things that keep that crop going, you know, and we can't apply a lot of calcium at one time. We can't apply a lot of Zinc at one time, but we need many small shots of it just like we do Boron and I'm excited about this field. I'm excited because I feel I'm finally achieved balance and it isn't always about fertility again. It's about balance. It's about plant health and plants plant stress. That's why we're putting the terramar out there at post chemical time. We applied shield and that has a three-week residual now the terramar Has a little bit of a different perspective to it, so we're going to apply that and then when we come back at fungicide time, we'll of course we'll have energized we'll have finish line from Nature's in at that time, and we'll put shield on again stress mitigation to me is a huge thing plant health is a huge thing. I think Growers need to maybe not increase your budget, but you need to look at plant health and plant stress along with for fertility to achieve your maximum yields. Thank you.

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