A Simple Idea To Prevent Crop Damage From Your Sprayer
8 Aug 234 min 39 sec

Innovation doesn’t have to be overly complex to work. Sometimes a simple idea can save so much headache you wonder why the idea didn’t come along sooner. Such is the case with sprayer hub covers from  Simon Innovations. As Steve Simon told XtremeAg’s Damian Mason, “This was my first product. I came up with the idea by looking at how much crop my hubs were knocking over — it was like taking a baseball bat to the corn plants.” Hub caps for your machine to protect the crops you work so diligently to produce: Simple yet effective.  


00:00 It said that if you can't explain the solution to a complicated problem in a very simple to understand manner, 00:06 maybe you don't understand the problem yourself. One about solving a problem that doesn't seem all that complicated, but doing it so simply that the end user finally realizes there was a problem 00:17 they didn't even realize they had. That's what we're talking about today, was Steve Simon of Simon Innovations and my buddy Johnny Rell Rell Farms in 00:24 Jackson, Tennessee. This right here is a hub cover for a sprayer. You've been operating a sprayer since you were a kid, you never had a hub cover. 00:31 He comes along and says, you know what? You're knocking down corn. I've got a hub cover that'll fix that. 00:35 Isn't that pretty much the crux of what this simple solution is? Talk to me about this product, how you came across it, 00:40 and then we're gonna talk about how he innovated it This year at Commodity Classic. I went up to him and I said, I'm p*****g order one of your systems. I want the whole thing. I want the lift, 00:48 I want the hub covers, I want every piece of it. And one of the main reasons we were talking about on the hub covers is just how it helps protect the court. The hub sticks out a little bit past the rim, 00:55 going through the failures, constantly flipping that corn going through the field, taking down yield, taking down bushels, which is money outta my pocket. 01:01 And then the other thing is, is this how it helps protect that inside hub from stain where we used to raise Cote, 01:07 we would turn the inside the rims completely brown or black from the stained core could do the same thing like season when they're spraying. 01:12 So it just helps to protect that rim, helps protect that belt. All right, 01:16 Color The stain. That's not life changing, that's not gonna change your bottom line, but knocking down corn is gonna change your bottom line. Here's the thing, 01:24 you came up with this idea and it seems like why didn't somebody else, Steve? That's correct. 01:29 So I started spraying corn nearly 20 years ago and that's kind of when fungicide became a thing. And uh, 01:37 I realized while spraying corn without hub covers, I was, you know, doing significant damage, you know, getting off the row or whatever. 01:46 And it was like a baseball bat going through a corn field. So I said I need something to streamline this and I'm a tool and die maker by 01:52 trade. So I designed them mold and and didn't know if I was gonna sell any of these products. 01:58 You thought you might be your own Customer. That might be my own cus only customer, right? And, uh, lo and behold, this is my flagship product and it drove me to a create 02:08 And Simon Innovations, your company outta Canada. The Ontario came up with this as your very first product. How many years ago was that? 02:15 That was, uh, 12 years Ago. 12 years ago you came up with the idea when you're sitting there in the sprayer, coop yourself in the sprayer seat yourself, Johnny, is this hard to put on? 02:23 Certainly it doesn't seem to be. Okay. And then are you actually, so far are you've been running it just this season here in the 2023 season? 02:29 Is it saving you from knocking down stuff? Hopefully see you later on this afternoon, but when you're going through the field, we're all 20 inch corn, 02:36 so we're really tight. If we run with the roads, it's almost impossible not to clip 'em the whole time, but a lot of times we run at an angle, 02:42 you'll be able to see it just pushes it right off the, right off that hub and have to protect this. Steve, you're the ceiling guy. How do I put this on? Looks like I got some, uh, 02:50 got some bolts here with uh, uh, uh, Allen wrench. What's the deal? Yeah, On the, uh, the thread studs that are in the machine from factory. Yep. 02:57 There's about a half inch of thread that's beyond the, the nut that's holding on the wheel. So we have a fastener, like a, a spacer that just simply threads on. We, um, 03:07 put some two dowel pins in and slide the cover on and then we put in all six bolts on every other stud and that's it. 03:14 It just simply nice seals against the B area of the rim and, uh, works fantastic. 03:20 Like I said, it is simple but simple works. Answer me this simple also needs to make money for me. If I wanted to buy this for my sprayer set up, 03:27 how much am I talking about to buy a a set of these? It's All rim size dependent from 46 inch rims, uh, 03:33 is $2,500 to 54 inch rims are $3,000 for a Sack. So $3,000 gets before these and this varies between 25 to $3,000 based on the size of the tractor, the size of the sprayer tire, uh, sprayer wheel. Johnny, 03:46 have you seen enough that you're sold on this? Sold on and I grew up running crop deflectors on our sprayers. Like Deere has a version. 03:53 It's more like, uh, it's like a a point. A lot of times we go across ditches and stuff like that. We'll actually just fold right under, bend them all the time. 04:00 These kind of do the same thing as far as we're not gonna actually push the crop outta the way of the tread, 04:05 but you usually are already running a trim line or running a middle, right? But it protects it from that outside hub. 04:09 Then the inside's already protected from the factory deflector there on. All right, I like it. Simple, but it works. 04:15 Thanks Damien. All Right. So anyway, if you can fix a complicated problem or maybe a problem that's not even complicated and the farmer operator didn't even realize they had it in a very 04:23 simple way, you know what? You can help out a lot of people in this business opportunity. That's what Steve Simon, Simon Innovations. If I wanna see more of these, 04:28 where do I go? Simon innovations.com. Simon innovations.com. So next time connect you from Verell Farmers with my man and Johnny Rell at 04:34 Steve of Simon Innovations.

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