A Side-By-Side Comparison of Combine Concave Performance
10 Nov 230 min 49 sec

Temple's recent upgrade to new concaves in his combine has brought a noticeable improvement. Here are the side by side numbers.

00:00 Well, here's a little comparison from Extreme Act guys of the Estes Con Cave. So I got a 16 row corn head, uh, 30 inch. 00:10 I actually used to have a competitor's, uh, concave in here, uh, prior, and I could run anywhere between 3,500 and, you know, 00:20 maybe 3,900 max bushels per hour. And we're consistently running 45, 47, a hundred bushels an hour. 00:31 This is John Deere six 80. Um, ain't nothing souped up about it, anything like that, but these concaves they definitely super up a little bit. 00:42 Good luck out there guys.

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