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Kevin and Chad talk with Pentair Hypro about a new precision spray system that promises to be a simple and affordable option for reducing waste through increased control around borders, waterways and irregular shaped fields. We will see how well it works in the field next season.

00:00 Stream mag here today got Chad Henderson with me. We got Nick With Pen Air High proof. And Mr. Andy and these guys 00:09 are experts. We got some new products that they've come out with and you know, that stream mag. We're usually trying these products and put them to the 00:18 test. Really they want to see if we can Tire them up. That's the big thing is if we can Tire these things up then they 00:24 know what they got to do to make them stronger, but the big thing look at I really get 00:31 up is when you put it in the ground or into bushes. Hey pretty up on Nick's Pizza here. They just tired and things right build where 00:43 they're not that way. But he said you do this. They need a robar here. But you 00:49 know, the big thing is our our exact apply or pwm and all the bodies, but not every farmer can it for days and Penn? 01:00 Has come out with an awesome new deal here to where we can adapt our original sprayers. We can add it to our Planters and 01:06 have rotoro control or nozzles to nozzle control and Andy won't you tell us a little bit about this new product that's coming out. It looks 01:15 like it's gonna be pretty easy to install too. Yeah. Yeah. So our new product that we just launched is called prostop East 01:21 single. It's an individually actuated nozzle body. And basically it's a quarter turn ball valve. That's Incorporated in the body. So 01:30 lower valves are nothing to stop over Steve. It's simple it's it's robots ring spring to fall out of that. I know it's a 01:39 stainless steel ball valve very simple, very long life in the field. You can also get high flow rate so you can get up to two gallons a minute out each now in the body so 01:48 I couldn't go ahead so what about oh, that's right, you know, we we produce little kids, you know 01:57 every year. But anyway the rest of you No, relax week, you'll figure that out. But you know when we go come out a lot of people sometimes get worried about individual nozzle control, 02:06 you know, the big scare was when it handled nitrate when it handle the corrosion will handle to do what all I have to clean it out 02:12 to clean it out you talk about those things first thing. I mean, it's pretty straightforward. I mean, you're gonna still do your 02:18 normal boom flushing sequence. You're still gonna flush your system out. As far as the the valve itself and the nozzle body itself. It's 02:25 very chemically resistant. It's it's not going to require any special maintenance every year other than what you're currently doing on 02:31 your spirit today. Well, are we gonna pull the plug out not work and it's all corroded and green. There's no 02:38 pretty sealed up. Yeah. Yeah. It's it's incorporated as part of the nozzle body. So it makes it a more compact design easy 02:44 to fit on your boom structure and a pretty light from a weight perspective as well. If if I break I mean, what's the repair? I mean if I 02:53 break something in the field, I need to need just have an extra body with me or the easy to repair or you know, I guess stand your 03:02 dear. I really already 45 here the same way you have to read it, you know over impacting here out of that. Yeah, so we do still 03:13 have standard service components like the tourist the O-rings the clamp at the top, so it's engineered to break 03:19 at the clamp. So you're not having to replace an entire. Alpha body you can repair some of those small components but those 03:25 impacts with the ground we're not going to be able to protect you from that. So why can't you make the boat Shear instead 03:31 of the clamp and I just put a new boat in and reuse it he said won't you not hit the grill ain't that good operator? Well, 03:37 I would say it is good to carry some spare nozzle bodies with you a couple in any sprayer. So if you 03:46 do have an issue, you're running the ground you're running into a fence close to brush. You can make a quick repair there in the field and keep 03:52 spraying the same with the plug nozzle that kind of thing. I recommend trying to make a quick and easy repair in the field instead 03:58 having to go in order parts or go back to the shop. You know, I mean, we do have you know, we're looking at 120 foot thing but mostly prayers. 04:04 I mean we're doing with anywhere for it from 80 make up to 100 dog. I mean you don't just stop right if you 04:15 don't have any parts of your sprayer, that's what I tell my son get you some parts is a hundred nozzles over here you 04:22 Stuff like what you bring that up? So we're gonna have 90 more wires on this sprayer. When we add these on I mean, is it simplified? We 04:31 got a mirror we're gonna have like a junction block with a can bus type water. I mean how simple is this gonna be and how much time is it gonna take me to put it on my sprayer. So 04:40 there's a couple requirements to implement our system on your sprayer. One is the task controller that's on your on your Machinery in your cab. It's got ice over. 04:49 Yep. That's got to be nice of us compliant which means it can communicate with you know, any manufacturers equipment so 04:55 our covid compliance so you got them available. We do, you know, we don't sell the task control. We're so it's up to you if you're what brand you 05:04 prefer, but that's the first requirement. The second is there has to be a nice of us connector on your machine. And that's where our system starts that's 05:13 where it plugs into from there on back. We've got all the cabling all the can nodes and all the daisy chain connections that going between all and 05:22 We would be we would need our own rate controller. You need your own task controller to have our rate controller comes with the package. And so we've 05:31 got that available. You would just need your own display or your task controller in the cab. Is it 05:37 so it appears to be a daisy chain type set up or the cables the same if you got to have a bunch of different cables or you know, we want to keep fire Parts. 05:46 But how many fire parts do we have to keep to get up and going? Yep. So that's the good news the cable between every one 05:52 of the Niles of ideas is the same. There's no orientation. There's no differences. So if you're gonna stock a cable that gets ripped off when you 05:58 hit the ground or fence close, you just have one part number to keep on the Shelf the Yellow warranty the fence post and we haven't 06:07 gotten that far. Oh, yeah, you go back your original boots a long ways back to your original question. I mean as far as putting the system on I mean 06:20 you can easily do it in a weekend. What you know now this is not an exact apply system this individual nozzle control 06:27 and let's let's say we want to go and get a little more variable rate with our speed and our application to keep 06:36 that nozzle giving a good uniform pattern and we're not getting a big overspray and drift or maybe but yet we're big enough 06:45 but it's not dribbling out. You know, we got the small and the large and I see you got a dual nozzle system there like a turret on it, right? So how's 06:54 that going to work? You know, obviously the economy version is just one novel but we go to the the more expensive version 07:04 to the Dual nozzle. Is it still gonna have like turning compensation and stuff like that in it? It does not have turn compensation. So because it's 07:13 based on a quarter turn ball valve design. It's just gonna be on off okay with the pro stop you do all you've got two nozzles. 07:21 Line with each other and typically you would run a smaller nozzle in the front a larger nozzle in the rear. So when you're driving slow, it'll spray out of 07:30 the nozzle a the smaller nozzle and when you speed up it'll switch to that larger nozzle now will be automatically and then as you continue to 07:39 increase your speed it'll turn them both on and so you've got a pretty wide range of applications really paint point that that 07:45 will drop like we're pinpoint that rat fresh pressure, you know people that good coverage that we won't work it perfect feet right keeping everything uniform no matter 07:54 your speed so you can think of it like an automatic transmission for your sprayer. Just like you having your truck you speed 08:00 up RPMs go up the same thing happens with pressure on your sprayer. So if you double your ground speed you have to squat group where your pressure to maintain a constant 08:09 down great route. So you get a really wide range of pressure drop with size and drip potential this tightens that span but working like on 08:18 that transmission with the first second and third gear with the Noz. 08:21 Layers, so it could be more accurate and more uniform when it's bright. Do you get to choose that range when it switches to the higher nozzle or is it read it by pressure? 08:30 So how does it know? Yeah, we tried to keep things easy. So we we worked with our existing nozzle 08:36 charts and we've got the functionality built in so once you tell the system what nozzles you have on on the nozzle body it'll enter 08:45 those speed switching points automatically. Now, what about when you're dance these play I'm using water as a carrier. I'm using liquid nitrogen. So I'm going from eight pound 08:54 product to maybe as much as a 12 pound product. Sure. Do we need to tell it that or does it kind of know it'll it'll sense that based on 09:03 the pressure in the flow rate, but if you need to modify the speed switching points, you can override that 09:09 and you know enter something different based on your application. So it's still back good reading happy, you 09:15 know, we still are going to do the same procedures. We've been doing the pump calibration flow meter calibration, you know to where 09:21 that stuff. Is we're virtually still behind that participle, you know, and so we do have to help with some of that and sizing nozzles and selecting 09:31 on our pencil hyper spray it app on your phone. We have nozzle selection built into this. So you can put in your application parameters, you 09:40 can put in your solution density. If you're doing a liquid fertilizer on the screen on the 09:46 phone and it'll tell you it'll give you the readouts for nozzle size speed pressure and all that. So if you're 09:52 looking to select nozzles or get things set up you can do it on your phone too as well. And there's another feature in that app too that's going 10:01 along with this system is that there's a Bluetooth functionality to the nozzle bodies where you can go into our hype grow sprayed app, you can connect to 10:10 the can node on the system and individually actuate the nozzle bodies from your phone. So you can check pattern right in front of the nozzle bodies and actually get 10:19 interesting trying to figure that out. He'll be ordered it whatever thinking about that's why your boy runs a prayer right and be 10:28 smarter. What you working with? That's right, but no that is awesome idea because how many times you get behind a sprayer and 10:34 you got out there and you can like oh, thank you right Next Step boots. And there's nothing oh that's aggravated. This wire 10:41 that way. Yeah, you can you can turn to spray your own at all from your phone or from your tablet. Yep from your phone. You have to get out there and turn no off and 10:50 make sure and see what's right now. So we're looking at installing one of these in a future video. I don't know whatever me and Nick and you 10:56 can get that. Yeah, get the part to get everything available and Frank where the sprayer can shut down. So we'll be looking y'all be 11:02 looking for more to come from this system from install boy. You don't what we found out how to run feel all that. We'll install one. 11:11 We'll have it down. Don't feel 40 let you know how to turn down.

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