A Game-Changer for Farming: How One Change Transformed Kelly's Harvest Results
9 Oct 231 min 20 sec

Kelly talks about how he improved the grain sample, improved the productivity of the combines, and reduced grain loss with the XPR2 Concaves.

00:00 Hi, this is Kelly Garrett from Extreme Ag. Unless you're out behind your combine, digging in the trash, digging in the residue, looking to see what's coming out the back. 00:08 How do you really know how good of a job you're doing? I always thought we did a good job with the O E M Concaves and here comes Brian Robertson with these X P R two con caves from Estes. 00:18 I really didn't think they were necessary, but I said we would sure try, so we put 'em in. I cannot believe how it improved the grain sample. 00:26 I cannot believe how much it improved the productivity of our machines, and I cannot believe how much better the ground is. 00:32 I didn't think that we lost a lot of grain before. We lose less. Now the combines are more productive. 00:38 You gotta get behind your machine and you gotta be digging in the trash. That's what it's all about. 00:42 You gotta become a trash man and get down there and look and see what's going on because we've spent all this money and done all this hard work and spent all 00:50 this time to try to raise these crops. I'd sure like to get it in the tank and keep it from coming out the back and the X xpr two concaves help do that. They just make it easier. It's a stressful, 01:00 busy time of year. We've all got too much to do. Anything we can do to make our job easier is money well invested. So get out behind your machines, 01:08 dig in the dig in the residue and see if you can improve your grain sample. See if you can improve your productivity. That's what it's all about.

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