A Fungicide Kick
10 Aug 221 min 53 sec

Last year Chad added

Marrone Bio's

 Pacesetter to his soybean fungicide application and saw a 1-2 bushel increase as a result. This season he is testing it in his corn to see if he can produce a yield bump again. He talks about the application timing and method.

00:00 Hey y'all, this Chad Henderson with extreme egg. And here we are Pacesetter. So, you know, we tested this product last 00:07 year and beans we didn't get to test it and corn. So we're looking to test it corn this time. And this goes on 00:13 with your fungicide at your reproductive stages. You know, if you're in a soybean that's gonna go, you know, our one or two range. If you're in corn. It's gonna go 00:22 on, you know, early tassel or brown silk. Whichever one you're gonna put your French side out. And this is this is Mark kind 00:28 of as an additive to the fungicide. It gives that it gives a fungicide in layman's turns a real good cake. Give 00:34 it longevity and really works well with the fungicide, but like I said, we used last year beans we're looking forward using beans and corn again. 00:43 Last year, we seen a one to two bushel increase and it was on I think in my opinion that it was on plant Health, you know, just kept it Greener longer and and 00:52 we can see it see it to the to the to the row actually because we've done a 40 acre trial with it, and then we turned around and left strips out. 01:01 There's 120 foot wide, so that's how we've seen it last year. We're looking forward to this year. 01:06 Maroon battle actually when we met him they've been in the fruits and vegetable market and you know anything with me, you know, after we we've 01:12 gone so far as a farming industry, you know, we kind of have to keep pushing forward keep pushing forward and the guys intended fruit and vegetables, you know, 01:21 man, they do a good job first maintaining the punch because all their stuff is so high maintenance and so 01:27 so much higher, I guess it wouldn't say quality, but it's a higher index of treatments and the fruits and vegetables and what we are 01:37 kind of into grains. So these guys come from there and real attention detail and particular stuff. So we're looking forward to this year for another round 01:46 of trial on this PACE Center.

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