A Full Service Farm Bureau
10 Jun 223 min 23 sec

The president of the North Carolina Farm Bureau stepped into Kevin's office to talk about farming today and show him what it means to be a full service farm bureau.

00:00 Scream act Field Report here. Today. We're planting corn in the Yadkin River Valley and North Carolina. We got Mr. Shawn 00:06 Harding president, North Carolina Farm Bureau here riding with me today. He's getting out seeing 00:13 his concerns we have the issues that we Face from environmental to Legal houses. All right. 00:21 Yeah houses everywhere and he's he's used to be in down east on that good beautiful black land and he's down here and some reality now. 00:32 But I love these River bottoms a beautiful. Yes, sir. But Mr. Shawn, I know we've talked about a lot of different things. What's what's on the horizons 00:41 that you know, we as Growers across the US. We need to take advantage of our farm. Bureaus is more the biggest voices in our vulture. What's your 00:51 what's something we need to take away getting it right in the presence horses mouth out here, you know, we all love what we're doing here planting in a river bottom as Farmers. 01:01 I loved it when I planted. Yeah. It was a good time Harvest Time always exciting time. It's not a whole lot of fun sometimes to sit 01:10 in a meeting and try to explain to people what we do and how we feed them, but it's essential anymore. I don't 01:17 know. I don't say 2% anymore feeding the rest of them. I say one percent. 01:21 not many farmers left Kevin we got to tell our story and I think Farm Bureau is a voice that can do that. Yeah. I mean, 01:29 I've been guys on a young farmer Rancher As young farmer, I got to network and meet some real good. Beer people then I become a County 01:39 Board got involved there been on the state board and feel crops community and trying to get regulations anything from you 01:48 know, Prevent Wildlife damage in the fields to trying to protect our streams and Waterway with a Lotus that we just dealt with that still going 01:58 on. Yeah, and so as a young girl out there, you know or a beginning grower. I strongly encourage you to number one 02:08 joint extreme Ag and let us help you if we can but more more importantly be that voice get involved with your Farm Bureau. It's a 02:17 lot of people think it's all Insurance. That's as far from the true insurance is a side business agriculture is number one Focus. 02:25 Mr. Shawn, I really appreciate you taking the time to come out here in the office all the time. So you're doing 02:31 me a favor today Kevin. I appreciate you. Let me be in your office. Well, I really appreciate it and I appreciate all you guys do so we can stay out here in 02:40 this field and I don't have to be in that office where you all it's way it works and and we're glad to do it appreciate what 02:46 you're doing, right? Yes, sir. Thank you so much. Y'all stay safe. 02:51 We'll see you next time. Yep. Let him do it. All right ain't used to that. Yeah. 03:18 Well, I mean use form and full time five years ago. Yeah.

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