A Dramatic Difference
29 Jun 232 min 55 sec

Temple and his son, Alexander check out a trial running on a nearby farm with Nutricharge.  Temple says the difference is one of the more dramatic differences he has seen.

00:00 Hey guys, Alexander here with Extreme Ag. Uh, we're down here to one of my buddies' farms, um, in St. Michael's, Maryland today, looking at a little, uh, 00:06 nut nutri charge trial that he did today. So this is Paul Sw, one of my buddies, and we're down here looking at his corn. So what 00:11 I did here is I run Nutra charge release and then Nutra charge the release separate and then the two mix together. As you can see, 00:18 there's a obvious line across the field road a row, um, where I just had Nutra charge release, there was a little bit of sulfur, uh, efficiency and where I run the two together, it doesn't look okay if they, 00:32 so What we're seeing here is like, you know where we ran nut nutri charge. So this side here is just straight in furrow 3.2 ounces? 00:40 No, this is, that's all um, In the starter. It's in the starter, Yeah. 00:44 So this would be two by two cuz they consider it different than what we do. We say starter, they say two by two. Yeah. 00:49 So this is Nutra charge two by two 6.4 ounces. That's just release. Oh that's just release. That's just release. All right. So we're all messed up. 00:56 That's just nutri charge release in your tuba Two. And then over here is where they're both mixed together Over, yeah, it's where 01:02 They're both together. Was it in furrow or in Mm-hmm. Both was run through the starter through the two by two. So, So you added Nutri charge release plus charge. Yep. 01:12 And that's the difference that we're seeing. So this is pretty dramatic. Um, stand back a little bit. 01:17 I mean if you can scan down that row and look straight down them rows, there's a dramatic difference between these two plants. Yeah. 01:24 So what now not only are we picking up more phosphorus, you know, you look in these plants like Yeah, like on this side, 01:31 like I think that we got a software deficiency and this side as well. We've got some striping here, but it's not bad. We've got, 01:38 that's major striping here and that's on just this side. So we're picking up much more than just phosphorus here, guys. 01:45 Like it's pretty dramatic. This is one of the most dramatic things that I've seen so far. Um, Tommy was interested, he's come up a bunch of different, uh, 01:53 times to the shop and he's talked to a lot of these guys from extreme ag and some of our partners and we're trying to branch out and do more things with some 02:01 younger guys. And Tommy was very interested in this and it sometimes it's easier to teach the, you know, the, the younger dogs tricks than you can some of them of, 02:09 of us older dogs. So Tommy's picking it up pretty good. He's seeing some pretty major things here. You know, I can't wait to see what this comes out in the, in the, in the end. 02:20 What I'd like to see now is, is, is if we could take tissue samples on both these sides and maybe we'll take 'em while we're here and then we'll send them out. 02:28 Cuz I'd really like to see the difference in what you got here because the nutri charge release, you know this was chicken litter ground, right? Yes. 02:36 So he put chicken litter on it and he was trying to get, drive that phosphorus into that plant. 02:41 So we thought maybe Nutri charge release would work better than just strictly Nutra charge. 02:45 He doubled up on it and it looks like to me we got a big bang for his buck. We'll be back to you soon guys.

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